Academic year grade 7 english

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Unit 1-Present Tenses

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Classroom Handout-Mrs. Ünel

1. Choose the correct verb forms to complete the sentences.

1. I love / ‘m loving singing, and my dream is to become a professional singer!

2. Singing is great for everyone because it helps / ‘s helping people to relax.

3. I practise / ‘m practising for about two hours every day.

4. I learn / ‘m learning a great new song at the moment.

5. My parents don’t understand / aren’t understanding why I spend so much time singing.

6. In the past, it was difficult to get an audience, but the internet makes / is making that easier now.

2. Complete the opinions about BMX biking with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

Carla: I 1 _________________ (want) to take up BMX biking. Any suggestions?

Tom: Yes, do it! I 2 ______________ (think) BMX riding is the best hobby ever!

Celine: Bikes are expensive, but 3 _______________ (become) available to buy second-hand now. Look online.

Steven: If you’re into BMX, watch the new film about it. Some teenagers 4 ______________ (decide) to build their own BMX track because there’s nowhere for them to practise. It’s a great film!

Harry: There’s always a new challenge with BMX. I 5 ________________ (try) to learn a new trick at the moment. I’m determined I’ll do it!

Olivia: Check out the BMX track in Winters Lane. Me and my friends 6 ___________(go) there every weekend. It’s amazing!

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