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Curriculum Vitae

Antónia Szabari

Last updated 01. 06. 2015
Department of French & Italian

University of Southern California

Los Angeles, CA 90089

Tel: (213) 740-3174

Fax: (213) 746-7297


2004-2010. University of Southern California. Assistant Professor of French (75%) and Comparative Literature (25%). Full-time, tenure-track position

2010-present. University of Southern California. Associate Professor of French (75%) and Comparative Literature (25%). Full-time, tenure-track position

2005. Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University, The Humanities Center, Comparative Literature.

Thesis title: “Less Rightly Said: Inventing Scandalous Speech in Literature and Religion in the Renaissance.” Thesis director: Gérard Defaux

2002-2003. Pensionnaire étranger, École normale supérieure, Paris

2001. D.E.A. École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris

Thesis title: “Le langage et l’histoire dans la poésie de la Pléiade.” Thesis director: Yves Hersant

1998. M.A. SUNY, Buffalo, English Literature

1995. Diploma. JATE, Hungary, English and Comparative Literature
Native: Hungarian

Fluent speaking and writing: English, French, and German

Reading: of Italian, Russian, and Latin

Currently Learning: Modern Turkish (advanced)

Spring 2011. USC-Huntington Early Modern Studies Institute Fellowship

2008-2010. College Commons Grant for event series “Spiritual Life of Plants,” USC (with Natania Meeker)

2009-2010. USC Provost’s Advancing Scholarship in the Humanities and Social Sciences grant.

2006-2007. Bunting Fellow, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Studies

2006-2007. James H. Zumberge Research Grant, USC

2005. Innovative Teaching Award, USC

2003. The Dean’s Teaching Fellowship, JHU

2002-2003. JHU Grant for study at the École Normale Supérieure, Paris

2002. JHU Travel Grant (used for Latin course in Rome)

2000-2001. JHU Research Grant for study at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris

1998-1999. Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) Grant for study at the Freie Universität, Berlin

Less Rightly Said: Scandals and Readers in Sixteenth-Century France. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2009.
Refereed Journal Articles
“The Crescent Moon and the Orb: Political Lesson and Cosmographic Imagery in Gabriel Bounin’s La Soltane.” Manuscript. (22 pages, accepted for publication by French Forum)
“From the Century of the Pods to the Century of the Plants: Plant Horror, Politics, and Vegetal Ontology.” Discourse: Journal for Theoretical Studies in Media and Culture 34. 1 (Winter 2012): 32-58. Co-authored with Natania Meeker.
“The Way of Imperfection: Laughter and Mysticism in Marguerite de Navarre’s L’Heptaméron.” French Forum 33:3 (Fall, 2008): 1-16.
“Rabelais Parrhesiastes: The Rhetoric of Insult and Rabelais’s Cynical Mask.” Modern Language Notes. Special Issue “La littérature engagée aux XVIe et XVIIe siècles. Études en l’honneur de Gérard Defaux” 120 (January, 2005): S84-123.
“‘parler seulement de moi’: The Disposition of the Subject in Montaigne’s Essay ‘De l’art de conferer’.” Modern Language Notes 116 (December, 2001): 1001-1024.

Book Chapters

“Our Future Barbarism: Sacrifice, the Body, and Performance in Garnier’s Greek Tragedies.” French Renaissance and Baroque Drama: Text, Performance, Theory. Ed. Michael Meere. University of Delaware Press, forthcoming December 2014.

Malaise in Music: French Hip Hop on Trial” in Ward Blanton, Hent de Vries (eds.), Paul and the Philosophers. New York: Fordham University Press, 2013, 343-353.
“‘La Plume de fer’: vers une esthétique de l'impact chez Ronsard” in Ronsard poète militant: Les Discours des Misères de ce temps. Ed. Véronique Duché and Bruno Roger-Vasselin. Paris: CNED-PUF, 2009, 92-108.
“The Scandal of Religion: Luther and Public Speech” in Political Theologies: Public Religions in a Post-Secular World. Ed. Lawrence Sullivan and Hent de Vries. New York: Fordham University Press, 2006, 122-136. Republished in Political Theologies. New Delhi: Orient Longman-abridged edition, 2007, 55-71.
“Le faisable qui ne se fait pas: la fantaisie évangélique de l’écriture chez Honorat Rambaud,” Lyon et l’illustration de la langue française à la Renaissance. Ed. Gérard Defaux. Lyon: Presses de l’ENS, 2002, 183-207.

Book Reviews and Review Essays
“Who will remember us?: plants and the archive.” Review of artwork by Dornith Doherty and Jessica Rath. Oxford Literary Review 36.1 (2014): 151-154. Co-authored with Natania Meeker.
Review of Paul Scott, ed. Le gouvernement present, ou éloge de son Eminence, satyre ou Miliade (London: Modern Humanities Research Association, 2010). Renaissance Quarterly 67: 2 (summer 2014), 565-566.
“Strawberries on Life Support.” L.A. Review of Books, on-line journal (January, 2012). Review of Jane Bennett, Vibrant Matter: A Political Ecology of Things (Durham: Duke University Press, 2010) and Timothy Morton, The Ecological Thought (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2010). Co-authored with Natania Meeker.
Review of Frank Lestringant and Alessandra Preda, eds., Jean-Baptiste Trento and Pierre Eskrich’s Mappe Monde Nouvelle Papistique: Histoire de la Mappe-Monde Papistique, en laquelle est déclaré tout ce qui est contenu et pourtraict en la grande table, ou carte de la mappe-monde (Geneva: Droz, 2009). Renaissance Quarterly 63: 4 (December, 2010): 1340-1342.
Review of Christian Belin, ed. La méditation au XVIIe siècle: Rhétorique, art, spiritualité (Paris: Champion, 2006). Renaissance Quarterly 61: 1 (spring, 2008): 191-193.
Carol Jacobs, In the Language of Walter Benjamin, Modern Language Notes 116 (April, 2001): 617-619.
“Collective Intimacies: Feeling like a Bee,” catalogue essay for Jessica Rath, A Better Nectar, University Art Museum, California State University, Long Beach. January 27-April 12, 2015. With Natania Meeker. Forthcoming in March 2015.

Works in progress or under review:
“Seeds and Space: Cyrano de Bergerac’s Vegetal Modernity.” Co-authored article with Natania Meeker. (30 pages, under review)
“Inhabiting Flower Worlds: Madeleine Basseporte’s Botanical Illustrations.” Co-authored article with Natania Meeker. (invited)
“Displaced Utopia in the Eastern Mediterranean: Nicolas de Nicolay’s Anti-Diplomacy.” Manuscript. (30 pages, submitted for review)

The Animated Plant from Early to Late Modernity. Co-authored book with Natania Meeker.
France Extravagant: Narrating French Embassies to the Ottoman Empire in the Sixteenth Century (book-length manuscript in progress)


“The Public Square in the Library: Collecting and Collating Satire.” Laughter and Satire in Europe, Conference Organized by Warwick University, May 26-27, 2014, Venice, Italy.

“Madeleine François Basseporte’s Flower Portraits.” Portraits and Fictions of the Self: Representations of Women’s Knowledge in the 16th – 18th Centuries. Los Angeles, University of Southern California, February 27, 2014. With Natania Meeker.
“Plant. Science. Fiction.” The Secret Life of Plants: Symposium at the Interdisciplinary Humanities Program at Princeton University. With Natania Meeker. May 3, 2013
“La virilité à l’épreuve du voyage: les voyageurs français dans l’empire ottoman au XVIe siècle,” invited lecture, University of Basel, Institut français, March 2011
“The Lust of Seeing: The Turkish Navigations et Peregrinations of Nicolas de Nicolay,” lecture, Boğazici University, Istanbul, April 16, 2008
“The Spots of the Leopard, the Bark of the Dog: Early Modern Zoo-Politics,” seminar, Boğazici University, Istanbul, April 9, 2008
“A becsmérlés paradoxona a tizenhatodik-századi francia röpiratokban,” lecture, The Renaissance Seminar, Eötvös Loránt University (ELTE), Budapest, February 14, 2008
“Paradoxical Vituperation: The Rhetoric and Politics of Verbal Offense in Early Modern France,” lecture, Department of Comparative Literature, Brown University, January 28, 2008
“Less Rightly Said: Scandalous Words in the French Reformation,” public lecture, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Harvard University, February 28, 2007
“Geographies of the Unkind Imagination in the Polemical Literature of the French Reformation,” lecture, Department of Romance Languages, Harvard University, February 15, 2007
January 2004. “Who Can See the King’s Piety?: A Novella by Marguerite de Navarre.” Department of French and Italian, USC
“Montaigne and the Professor,” lecture, Department of French and Italian, Northwestern University, January 2004

January, 2015. “Being Vegetal in the French Renaissance.” Round table discussion of the Society for Sixteenth-Century French Studies, Annual Convention of the Modern Language Association, Vancouver, Canada
March, 2011. “Disposable Subjects: Huguenots and Turks in Sixteenth-Century France,” Renaissance Society of America Conference, Montréal, Canada
October, 2010. “Tragic Orient,” Sixteenth Century Society Conference, Montréal, Canada
May 23, 2009. “Teardrops on the Tapestry: Polemics and Memory in France around 1588,” Medieval and Early Modern Studies, Stanford University
March 20, 2009. “In Turkish Clothes: French Travelers to the Ottoman Empire,” Renaissance Society of America, Los Angeles, UCLA-Getty
March 14, 2009. “Our Miserable Condition: Animal Pulsations and the Pre-Colonial,” Literary Reflections on the Human-Animal Boundary in Jacobean England, Pacific Coast Conference on British Studies, University of San Diego, San Diego, CA
April 4, 2008. “The Lust of Seeing: The Turkish Navigations et Peregrinations of Nicolas de Nicolay,” Annual Convention of the Renaissance Society of America, Chicago
December 29, 2007. “Turkish Dogs and Christian Hounds,” Division in Sixteenth-Century French Literature, Annual Convention of the Modern Language Association, Washington, DC
July 24-28, 2007. “Montaigne’s Protagoras and the Crisis of Dialogue,” International Society for the History of Rhetoric, Strasburg
January 18-20, 2007. “Performances of Blasphemy” “The Present of the Religious Past,” international conference at Stanford University
June 28-30, 2006. “Blasphemy, Sincerity, and Contemporary Art,” “The Rhetoric of Sincerity,” international conference, the University of Leiden, The Netherlands
March 2006. “Dismembering the Greeks in French Catholic Pamphlets.” Renaissance Conference of Southern California. Huntington Library, San Marino, CA
December 2005. “Interpreting Laughter and Comic Speech in the Heptameron.” The Annual Convention of the Modern Language Association in Washington, DC, Division in Sixteenth-Century French Literature
June 2004. “Scandal: Religion’s Extreme Rudeness.” Presented at “Political Theologies: Globalization and Post-Secular Reason, organized by ASCA (Amsterdam) and the Harvard Center for the Study of World Religions. Amsterdam
December 2002. “From the Refugee to the Sailor: Representing the Mobilization of Greek Identity in Renaissance Europe.” The Annual Convention of the Modern Language Association in New York, Division of Comparative Studies in Renaissance and Baroque Literature
December 2000. “The Past and Period: Moments of Retrospection in Contemporary Hungarian Short Prose.” The Annual Convention of the Modern Language Association, Discussion Group in Hungarian Literature, Washington, DC

ARLT 100g “Great Cynics” (Fall, 2004)

FREN 385 “Books and Authors in the French Renaissance,” in French (Fall, 2004)

COLT 301 “Confession Narratives” (Spring, 2005)

COLT 301 “All in the Family: Family and Kinship in Literature and Theory” (Fall, 2005)

ARLT 100g “Renaissance Travel Narratives” (Fall, 2005, Fall, 2007, Fall 2008)

FREN 330 “Writing About Literature,” in French (Spring, 2006)

FREN 470 “Monsters and Miracles in the French Renaissance,” in French (Spring, 2006)

FREN 445 “Studies in Gender and Feminism,” in French (Spring, 2009)

ARLT 100g “Animal Others” (Fall, 2009)

COLT 102 “Literature on Location” (Spring 2010, Summer 2011, Fall 2012)

FREN 446 “Contemporary French Thought” (Fall 2011)

ARLT 100g “East-Central European Literature: What I Learned from the Fall of the Wall” (Spring 2012, Fall 2013)

FREN 320 “French Cinema” (Fall, 2013)

FREN 351 “French civilization” (Fall, 2014)

COLT 471 “The Fantastic” (“Plants Attack!”) (Fall, 2014)

FREN 560 Rhetoric II: “Montaigne’s Essays,” in French (Spring, 2005)

FREN 500 Rhetoric I: “The Memory of the Religious Troubles in Literature and Pamphlets in Sixteenth-Century France,” in French (Fall, 2007)

COLT 524 Readings in Early Modern Culture: Human and Animal: Early Modern Conceptions (Fall, 2008)

FREN 502 Representations of the Body in French Renaissance Texts and Theories of the Body, in French (Fall, 2009)

FREN 601 Revolutions III. “Material Mediterranean” (Spring 2012)

FREN 501 Rhetoric ds Arts I: “Diplomatic Cultures in Early Modern France and Beyond” (Fall 2013)

Campus presentation
With Natania Meeker. “Plants on the Move.” Lecture and discussion at the Philosophy Club, USC, Fall 2013.

Oct. 2009. “How to Win a Nobel Prize?” Presenter and moderator with Hilary Schor of discussion of the work of Herta Müller, winner of the Literary Nobel Prize, Spring 2009.

At the University of Southern California
Spring 2005. The Provost’s Postdoctoral Scholars in the Humanities Selection Committee

Fall 2014. Qualifying Examination Committee. Ingrid Leventhal (FREN)

Spring 2009-Spring 2014. Director of Graduate Studies, French

Fall 2011-Spring 2014. CSLC Advisory Committee

Fall 2012-Spring 2014. Dornsife Faculty Council, member

Spring 2014. Qualifying Examination Committee Member, Lauren Weindling (CSLC-COLT)

Spring 2013. Third-Year Review Committee, Olivia Harrison (FREN)

Fall 2013. Qualifying Examination Committee. Moussa Bocoume (CSLC-FREN)

Fall 2013. Guest participant in Professor Peggy Kamuf’s Professional Development Seminar

Spring 2013. Qualifying Exam Committee Member, Katy Le Bris (CSLC-FREN)

Fall 2012. Screening Exam Committee Member, Lauren Weindling (CSLC-COLT)

Fall 2010- Spring 2013. Faculty Council, Member

Spring 2012. Provost’s Committee on the General Education Program

Fall 2011-Spring 2012. College Commons Advisory Committee

Fall 2010-Spring 2011. College Commons Steering Committee

Spring 2008. Chair selection committee, French & Italian

Spring 2008. Chair selection committee, Comparative Literature

Fall 2004-Fall 2008. Director of Honors Program, Department of French & Italian

Spring 2007-Fall 2007. Undergraduate curriculum review committee, Comparative Literature

Fall 2006. Search Committee, Francophone Literature, French and Italian

Fall 2005. Merit review committee, French & Italian

Fall 2004. Merit review committee, Comparative Literature

Ph.D. Screening exam committee, French: Laurence Clerfeuille (FREN), Claire Nettleton (FREN)

Ph.D. Field exam committees in French: James Rowlins (FREN), Michelle Babcock (FREN), Claire Nettleton (FREN), Ingrid Leventhal (FREN), Lucille Toth (FREN)

Ph. D. Field exam committees in Comparative Literature: Olanna Mills (COLT), Maria Cetinic (COLT)

Director, Senior Honors Thesis, Comparative Literature: Peggy Nguyen (COLT)

Service to the Profession
May 11, 2012. Organizer, moderator, “Portraits of the Traveler,” Huntington Library and USC Francophone Institute
April 2012. Invited Professor Timothy Hampton to give a lecture at the University of Southern California
March and April, 2010. Moderator, co-organizer with Natania Meeker. “The Spiritual Life of Plants,” USC College Commons. Lectures by Timothy Morton (UC, Davis) and others
December 2009. Organizer. “Making Public in Sixteenth-Century France,” special session organized for the MLA, Philadelphia. Participants: Amy Graves (University at Buffalo), David LaGuardia (Dartmouth College), and George Hoffmann (University of Michigan)
March-April, 2009. Moderator, co-organizer with Natania Meeker. “The Spiritual Life of Plants,” USC College Commons. Round table discussion and lectures by Sarah Feakins (Earth Sciences, USC), François Delaporte (Philosophy, Université de Picardie, France), and Monique Allewaert (English, Emory University)
April 10, 2009. Co-organizer with Natania Meeker. “The Spiritual Life of Plants,” Symposium held at the Huntigton Library, San Marino, CA. Speakers: Dominique Brancher (Université de Bâle), Tom Conley (Harvard), François Delaporte (Université de Picardie), Eleanor Kaufman (UCLA), and Pierre Saint-Amand (Brown)
April 4, 2008. Panel organizer and respondent. “The Memory of Religious Troubles in Sixteenth-Century France,” Annual Convention of the Renaissance Society of America, Chicago
“Portraits of the Traveler,” Exhibit, co-curator, with Catherine Hess, Huntington Art Collections, Spring 2012
Referee, Modern Language Notes

Referee, Renaissance Quarterly

Modern Language Association, member

Renaissance Society of America, member

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