Acacia-spirituality, purification

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ACACIA-Spirituality, purification.

ACAI BERRY-A popular supplement said to increase personal energy, improve digestion and circulation and help achieve healthier skin.

ACEROLA BERRY-A good source of vitamin C and antioxidants, a popular way to boost the immune system and manage high cholesterol or blood sugar.

Activated Charcoal-Widely used within a variety of air and water filtering devices, and is often used medically in treatment for the ingesting of toxins.

AGRIMONY-Believed to expel spirits and cause others to sleep. Used to treat wounds, aid the liver and heart, and treat digestive disorders. Psychic Healing, Protection.

ALFALFA LEAF-Used in Chinese and Hindu medicine to aid the digestive tract. Also used as a dietary supplement for anemia and diabetes. Prosperity.

ALLSPICE-Money, Luck, Healing

ALOE VERA-Said to ward off evil influence. Used to treat wounds, burns and the digestive system. Can be used within soaps, lotions and gels.

ALOES-Love, Spirituality.

ANGELICA ROOT-Exorcism, Protection, Visions, Healing. Good against curses, evil spells and spirits. A powerful healing herb for colds, arthritis, asthma and as an anti-inflammatory.

ANISE STAR-Used in traditional Chinese medicine for soothing colds and illnesses of the digestive tract, and treating flatulence. Purification, Psychic Ability.

ARABIC GUM-Used in ink for mystical writings and seals. A powerful aid in purification, as an incense. Used to treat disorders of the digestive tract. Purification, Offertory.

ARNICA-Widely known for its healing properties. Used to treat sore muscles, fatigue and inflammation. Protection from Spirits.

ARTICHOKE LEAF-Used for centuries to help soothe digestive troubles, with record of its use dating back to the ancient Romans and Egyptians.

ASAFOETIDA-Used in rituals of exorcism or protection to chase away evil spirits or keep negative influences from you or your loved ones. Exorcisms.

ASHWAGANDHA ROOT-Growing in popularity in Western science and herbalism as a wonder-herb, it is a popular cure to Indian Ayurvedic tradition for ages.

ASTRALAGUS ROOT-Used to enhance the body's energy or Qi, it is also used to help speed up the healing process.

BACOPA MONNIERI-Known for treating anxiety and nervous disorders, is used in India to consecrate babies to open their minds to the gates of knowledge.

BALM OF GILEAD-Blessings, Cleansings.

BALSAM FIR NEEDLES-Frequently used to ease nerves and tension, as well as revitalize spirits. Often referred to in folklore as treatment for colds and cough.

BARBERRY ROOT-Courage, Strength. Known in Indian folklore to possess great healing powers. Used to treat fever and upset stomach, as well as improve appetite.

BARLEY GRASS-Used to lower cholesterol, treat skin disorders, and for its antioxidant qualities.

BASIL-Love, Protection, Wealth.

BAY LAUREL-Protection, Strength, Psychic Powers.

BAY LEAVES-Useful in creating essential oils, spells of wisdom, clairvoyance, protection and healing, as well as treating headaches and infections.

BAYBERRY ROOT-Attract Love, Friends.

BEARBERRY, UVA-URSI-Native Americans used in smudging, said to carry prayers in its smoke. Good for treating back sprains or in treating sores.

BEE POLLEN-Used throughout the world, they are generally used to improve energy, physical endurance, and even memory.

BEESWAX-Created by honey bees in the creation of their honeycombs, it is a natural wax frequently used in the creation of skincare products and candles.

BENZOIN GUM-Grounding, Stabilizing.

BERGAMOT-A favored herbal alternative, used for treating wounds, infections, colds and flu, and is also commonly known as Bee Balm. Creativity, Luck.

BETH ROOT-Traditionally a potent aid in turning back black magic and used in protective magic for the home. Also used to treat menstrual cramping.

BILBERRY LEAF-Peace, Tranquility. A somewhat controversial supplement believed to aid in improving vision, and helping with a range of degenerative disorders.

BLACK COHOSH-Traced back to the Native American's teachings to early settlers, it is most commonly used to treat hotflashes and menopausal symptoms. Healing, Fertility.

BLACK HAW BARK-Known in Native American lore as a useful herb in enhancing fertility and helping to alleviate symptoms of the menstrual cycle.

BLACK WALNUT HULLS-Antibacterial, antiviral, antiparasitic, and a fungicide, cleansing, source of serotonin.

BLADDERWRACK-A potent aid in treating goiters and similar issues of iodine deficiency. Also good for easing arthritis and stimulating weight loss. Psychic Ability, connect with the Element Water.

BLESSED THISTLE-A potent aid in healing magic, linked to the sign of Mars and the element of Fire. Good for increasing appetite and treating indigestion. Protection, Earth offering.

BLOODROOT-Produces a deep red dye, and is known in folk magic as a great addition to spells of protection, love, and purification. Protection, Health.

BLUE COHOSH ROOT-Known in Native American lore,it is most notable as an herbal method for inducing labor. Do not use without consulting your doctor. Home blessing.

BOLDO LEAF-Used medicinally and as a cooking spice for thousands of years, it is used as a laxative that can aid with gastrointestinal spasms.

BONESET-Named for its use in treating "break bone fever", is used to treat fevers. Also known as feverwort, Indian sage and aqueweed. Grounding, Health.

BORAGE LEAF-Believed to be a potent aid in treating melancholy and soothing nerves. Often used to treat symptoms of PMS and menopause. Bravery, sacred to the Celts.

BREWER'S YEAST FLOUR-Treat loss of appetite and ulcers, use for chronic acne, diarrhea, PMS and fighting candida sensitivity. Good source of vitamins.

BROMELAIN-It is widely considered a medicinal herb by herbalists, who prescribe it to ease breathing conditions and improve digestion.

BROOM TOPS-Cleansing, Protection.

BUCHU LEAF-Used since the 16th century as a hangover cure, it is sometimes prescribed by herbalists to treat kidney, urinary, and prostate problems.

BUCKEYES-Often used in Hoodoo to attract money, good luck, and the opposite sex. Also used in divination or in treating rheumatism. Wishes & Hopes.

BUCKTHORN BARK-Aged buckthron bark has been used by herbalists for centuries for the treatment of constipation and abdominal bloating. Protection, Strength.

BUPLEURUM ROOT-Used in traditional Chinese Medicine to balance unstable emotion and detoxify. Also used as an antispasmodic.

BURDOCK ROOT-Healing, Courage. A powerful aid against negative energy, curses and black magic, making it widely used in protection and purification spells. It is also said to be a useful anti-inflammatory, and is used in China as an aphrodisiac.

BUTCHER'S BROOM ROOT-Getting its name from its old use of keeping rodents from meat, it's now used to treat swollen veins and similar such conditions.

CALAMUS ROOT-A traditional herb used as an incense and to scent floor rushes, often associated with seeking out and working with your guardian angel. Luck, Money, Healing.

CALENDULA FLOWERS-Believed to possess the power to comfort the heart and mend wounded spirits. Also used in treating wounds, fever and inflammation. Success, Legal Matters, Protection.

CAMPHOR-Helps restore spiritual vigor, and can aid with psychic abilities and prophetic dreams. Often used as a remedy for cough and congestion. Purification, Protection.

CAMU CAMU FRUIT-A popular source of nutrition, with a high vitamin C content which can boost immunities and lift moods.

CANDY CRYSTALS-Can be used to help make herbal tinctures, tonics and other such blends of your fashion more palatable. Also goes great in tea!

CAPE ALOES-A darker variety of aloe known for being a great laxative and for its use in homeopathic treatment of arthritis.

CARAWAY SEED-Appearing within the culinary arts in a variety foods, it is also used in spiritual practice for protection spells. Change, Speed.

CARDAMOM-Used in traditional Chinese medicine to promote the flow of Qi. Also used as a culinary spice and in spells of love and lust. Intelligence, Eloquence.

CASCARA SAGRADA-This "sacred bark" has been used by the Native Americans of the Pacific region for hundreds of years as a medicinal laxative. Letting go, Cleansing.

CATNIP-Used in magic to help reach a state of euphoria for trances and general well being. Also used to find a psychic bond with animals. Visions, Love, Cat Magick.

CAT'S CLAW-Known in South and Central American lore as a powerful aid in treating fevers, inflammation, arthritis and stomach issues. Unhexing, Protection.

CATUABA BARK-Most commonly known for its centuries-old tradition of being used as an aphrodisiac to enhance male libido and performance.

CEDAR TIPS-Often burned as incense for purification and aid in reaching a meditative state. Also said to generally increase the potency of magic. money

CELANDINE-Dream & Trance work.

CENTAURY-Believed to aid against evil spirits and help achieve magical awareness, and is otherwise used to ease the digestive tract. Psychic ability, Unhexing.

CHAMOMILE FLOWER-Good for spells seeking good luck in love, gambling and general prosperity. Also aids in meditation, indigestion and falling asleep. Money, Sleep, Purification.

CHAPARRAL LEAF-Revered in Native American lore for treating respiratory ailments and arthritis, as well as other disorders and illness. Purification, Change.

CHASTE TREE BERRIES-Used in ancient times to ward away evil and encourage chastity, now used to treat disorders of the female reproductive system.

CHERRY BARK-Used by Native Americans to treat coughs, asthma and other respiratory illness. Also used to stimulate digestion and appetite.

CHICKWEED-Well known in herbal lore for treating coughs as well as digestive disorders. It was used in the past for treating wounds as well.

CHICORY ROOT-Naturally decaffeinated, roasted chicory root granules are used as a coffee substitute as they offer a caffeine-like boost to energy. Alertness, Happiness.

CHLORELLA-Explored as a resource for feeding the growing population, this variety of algae is high in nutrients and improves immune function.

CILANTRO LEAF-Commonly known as a culinary herb, sometimes called coriander, and is thought to be useful in love spells as an aphrodisiac.

CINNAMON-Quite potent in healing magic, and spells of protection and passion. It is associated with fire and the sun, and often used for meditation. Success, Healing, Psychic Powers.

CINQUEFOIL-Money, Dreams, Legal Matters. AKA, Five Finger Grass.

CLEAVERS-Most known in lore for its use in love spells, but is also favored among herbalists for its healing properties. Remove obstacles & problem people.

CLOVER, RED-Often used when seeking love or good luck. Also used in blessings for pets and livestock and seeking good fortune in finance.

CLOVES-Used for banishing negative energies and spirits, and in magic seeking to aid love and friendship. Also used as to ease tooth pain. Protection, Exorcism, Money, Love.

COLLAGEN-Part of animal cartilage, bone and tissues, used to help treat joint pain from arthritis and other injuries, as well as help rebuild cartilage.

COLTSFOOT LEAF, -Believed to improve luck in spells of wealth and love. Also said to be a potent aid in treating coughs, colds and other such illness. Awareness, Purification.

COMFREY-Useful in spells of protection and blessings for travel. Also used to treat sprains and broken bones and to help sooth an upset stomach. Controversial within modern study due to potential hazards of ingestion, it is used within modern herbalism for healing purposes. Safety, Money.

COPAL RESIN-Love, Purification.

CORAL CALCIUM-Valued as a nutritional supplement that is also known for some controversy over its possible healing properties.

CORIANDER-Known as a common cooking spice, and is commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine to soothe digestive problems. Protection, Peace.

CRAMP BARK-With roots in Ukranian lore and Slavic paganism, it is associated with the birth of the universe, and is used to ease menstrual cramps.

CRANSBILL ROOT-Commonly used in American folk medicine and Native American lore for treating sores of the mouth and digestive problems.

CREATINE MONOHYDRATE-An all natural supplement used by a wide range of athletes to help build muscle mass, energy, and recovery rates.

CUBEB-Sexuality, Love.

CUMIN-Good Luck, Prosperity.

DAMIANA-Said to increase magical energy, aid in divination spells and to be of use in dream magic and clairvoyance, as well as sex magic. Sexuality, Love, Visions.

DANDELION-Good for summoning spirits and in rituals of purification. Also good as a diuretic and in the treatment of digestive illness and disorders. Happiness, Ease.

DEAD SEA SALT-From the landlocked Dead Sea is renowned for its restorative properties and is a popular addition to skin care products.

DEER ANTLER VELVET-Used in traditional Chinese medicine in tonics that treat arthritis pain and injury, is also an aphrodisiac that boosts the immune system.

DEVIL'S CLAW-From the tribal medicine of South Africa, used by European explorers to treat arthritis, and used today to relieve joint and muscle pain. Protects, Confuses enemy.

DEVIL'S SHOESTRING-Devil's Shoestring-Often used in powerful protective magic. Also used for good luck, money drawing, invisibility and controlling the opposite sex. Protection, Gambling, Employment.

DILL-Protection, Uncrossing.

DITTANY OF CRETE-Manifestations, Séance work.

DOG GRASS ROOT-Used as incense in medieval Northern Europe, has also been used to treat the pain of urinary infection since classical Greece.

DONG QUAI-Well known in traditional Chinese medicine, is said to be of great use in helping to balance and harmonize feminine energy. Sacred to women.

DRAGON'S BLOOD RESIN-Protection, Power.

DULSE-Derived from a variety of red seaweed commonly called sea lettuce, it is a great source of vitamins, minerals and iodine, and is used to ease constipation.

ECHINACEA AUGUSTIFOLIA-Also known as elk Root, it is popularly used for treating illness, wounds, and even snake bites.

ECHINACEA PURPUREA-Traditionally used by Native Americans as a potent healing herb. Often used for sore throats, colds, infections and coughs. Health, Cleansing.

ELDER BERRIES-Often used to ward off evil influences, curses and harmful spells. Also said to be good for stimulating the immune system.

ELDER BLOSSOMS-Exorcism, Protection, Prosperity.

ELECAMPANE ROOT-Associated with Homeric legend (growing where fell the tears of Helen of Troy) and magical healing. For work with Faery realm.

ELEUTHEROCOCCUS-Believed by some to possess qualities similar to ginseng, and help the body respond to illness, fatigue, and stress.

EPSOM SALTS-Good for treating inflammation and soothing aches. Also widely used in baths, skincare and poultices. They can also be used as a laxative.

EUCALYPTUS-Often used in spells and rituals of protection or healing. Also used in Aboriginal traditions to heal wounds and treat infections. Purification

EYEBRIGHT-Commonly used in spells to create changes in perception and attitude, create visions, and improve memory. Also used as an eyewash. Clairvoyance, Clarity.

FENNEL SEED-Used to ward off evil spirits, prevent curses and empower protective magic. Also aids in digestion and weight loss, and relieves gas. Protection, Healing.

FENUGREEK SEED-Known as a culinary ingredient, it is also used in hair conditioner, herbal supplements, and as a treatment for the common cold. Wisdom, Success.

FEVERFEW-A traditional cure for low spirits, nervousness and fever, is said to possess many curative powers. Also good for headaches and arthritis. Healing, Purification.

FIVE FINGER GRASS-Associated with love, money, health, power and wisdom, and is used to seek these virtues in magical spells, particularly in Hoodoo. Money, Dreams, Legal Matters. AKA Cinquefoil.

FLAX SEED-Powerful aid in spells seeking prosperity, as well as for healing and protection purposes. Also used as a dietary supplement. Moon wisdom

FO-TI ROOT-Also known as He Shou Wu, has its origins in traditional Chinese medicine, where it is used to help restore health and vigor to the aged.

FRANKINCENSE-Protection, Spirituality.

GALANGAL ROOT, LO JOHN-Known for aiding in spells seeking justice and victory in court, as well as magic that is intended to protect against hexes and curses. Protection, Energy.

GARLIC-A powerful repellant of magic and curses, and aiding in rituals of healing. Also known for reducing blood pressure and cholesterol. Protection, Exorcism.

GENTIAN-Knowledge, Home blessing.

GINGER-Strength, Courage, Health.

GINKGO LEAF-Used in Chinese medicine to treat allergies, inflammation and memory loss. Possibly good for Alzheimer's prevention. Intelligence, Energy.

GINSENG, SIBERIAN-Said to increase personal energy and aid in working spells of love, healing and protection. Also helps stimulate the immune system.

GINSENG, CHINESE-Stamina,sexuality.

GLUCOSAMINE SULFATE-A popular dietary supplement used to help rehabilitate cartilage and reduce the pain and progression of arthritis.

GLUTAMINE L-Actually an amino acid used as a dietary supplement to help improve muscle metabolism and recovery rate.

GLYSINE-Most chemically simple of the amino acids, is known for its calming effect on the brain. Used to treat insomnia, and similar sleep disorders.

GOAT'S RUE-Also known as French Lilac or Holy Hay, is popular among herbalists for increasing milk flow for nursing mothers and reducing fevers.

GOLDENSEAL ROOT-Popular among herbalists for treating infections of the throat, mouth, sinuses, intestines and other mucus membranes.

GOTA KOLA-Used for thousands of years both in culinary practice and in folk medicine, and is believed to help heal wounds, overcome fatigue, and more.

GRAINS OF PARADISE-Known in African lore to be a potent aid in divination magic. Also used in rituals to help determine guilt among accused parties. Luck, Joy.

GRAPEFRUIT PEEL-Popular among herbalists for its antioxidant and antibacterial qualities. It is also found in herbal soaps and creams.

GRAPESEED-Commonly used for texture and color in natural scrubs and soaps, and is used as an exfoliate. It is also rich in antioxidants.

GRAVIOLA-An aid in relieving depression, it is also traditionally used as an antispasmodic and a sedative that can help stimulate digestion.

GRINDELIA TOPS-Acknowledged by the American medical community in the 19th century, it is used to treat skin problems, and as an expectorant.

GUARANA SEED-Known for its high caffeine content, but is used by herbalists to increase stamina, alertness, memory retention, and improve mood. Alertness, Energy.

GUGGUL RESIN-Known to Ayurvedic medicine, it is used as a spicy, vanilla-like incense and also used to increase metabolism and lower cholesterol.

GYMNEMA SYLVESTRIS-Used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years, most commonly used to treat diabetes.

HAWTHORN BERRIES-Traditional aid in treating conditions of the heart, and of great use in treating high blood pressure as well as cardiac arrhythmia. Protection, Home blessing.

HEAL ALL-Health, Strength.

HENNA, RED-Sexuality, Love.

HIBISCUS FLOWER-Traditionally associated with love spells, particularly those attracting lust and passion. Also good for divination and dream magic. Sacred to the Goddess.

HIGH JOHN-Helps overcome obstacles and achieve goals. Also protects against negative energies and curses. Good for love spells, and similar magic. Take into court for legal success.

HOPS FLOWER-Known as an ingredient for beer and ale, is also historically used as a sedative for treating nervousness, delirium and inflammation. Dream work, Sleep.

HOREHOUND-Said to offer protection against magic, and help maintain clarity during magical rituals. Also believed to protect against poisons. Protection, Mental powers, Healing.

HORNY GOAT-A popular aphrodisiac both in traditional Chinese lore and in modern supplements.

HORSE CHESTNUT-Often used as an anti-inflammatory and expectorant, and in Western folk medicine to ward off arthritis and similar pain.

HORSETAIL-Wisdom, Understanding.

HYDRANGEA ROOT-Used in Cherokee medicinal practice as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine to ease complications and disorders of the bladder. Intuition, Love.

HYSSOP-Said to help in spells seeking the protection of God and is used in rituals of protection and purification. Also used in rituals of healing. Purification, Protection.

IRISH MOSS-Psychic powers, Cleansing.

JASMINE FLOWERS-Good for use in spells to attract love and prosperity. Also used in divination and dream magic, and is good for calming nerves. Love, Peace.

JERICHO FLOWER-Of great use in love spells where you are seeking to bring to life love that has died or create love where there was none before.

JEZEBEL ROOT-Used by women to attract wealthy men, or to help receive better tips and raises from men. Also often used in the Curse of Jezebel.

JIAOGULAN-Comparable to ginseng in its beneficial qualities, is well known in traditional Chinese medicine for its healing properties.

JOB'S TEARS-Healing, wishes, luck.

JUNIPER BERRIES-Quite helpful in attracting healthy energies and goodly spirits, they are also good for spells and rituals of love and protection. Health, Beauty.

KAVA KAVA ROOT-Often used to help induce spiritual visions or reach meditative trances, or work with astral travel. It is also a potent aphrodisiac. Visions, Protection, luck.

KELP-Traditionally used as a dietary supplement, offering a wide range of minerals and vitamins. Also rich in iodine and good for clearing skin.


KOLA NUT-Used as a flavoring agent and caffeine in cola soft drinks, also used as a supplement to elevate alertness, energy and moods.

KOSHER SALT-A powerful aid in protection magic. Used to help create magic circles and seals, and in baths and floor washes to break curses.

KUDZU ROOT-Considered one of the 50 fundamental herbs of traditional Chinese medicine, used to treat migraines, headaches and even hangovers.

LADY'S MANTLE-Often considered sacred to women, and is used by some herbalists in treating menstrual pain and symptoms of menopause. Focus, Power.

LAVENDER FLOWERS-Often used for spells of love and healing. Also used to seek peace of mind and inner peace, or in spells of prosperity and protection. Love, Protection,

LECHITIN-Used as an emulsifier, to keep other ingredients in a mixture from separating, or in the creation of "non-stick" products such as cooking sprays.

LEMON BALM-Has natural antibacterial properties, and it can also be used as a sedative. It can also help strengthen the immune system. Love, Success, Healing.

LEMON PEEL-Most commonly used in the kitchen, it is known in African and Indian lore for treating colic, as well as treating upset stomachs.

LEMON VERBENA LEAF-A powerful aid to protective and love magic. Use to stop dreaming or attract the opposite sex, and increase the power of other charms. Purification, Love.

LEMONGRASS-Drink before bed to induce sleep. The infusion is also used to loosen/lessen mucous, to treat fevers, cramps and stress. Antibacterial. Purifcation, Clearing.

LICORICE-Used in Chinese medicine to harmonize ingredients in curative mixtures. Used in Ayurvedic medicine as an expectorant. Eloquence, Humor.

LINDEN FLOWER-Spoken of in myth and lore, the linden flower is commonly used to ease anxiety and hysteria, and is sometimes used as a sedative.

LOBELIA-Historically used as a purgative, treating poison by inducing vomiting. Also a powerful relaxant, easing nervous tension and panic. Protection, Health.

LOVAGE-Love, Peace.

LOW JOHN ROOT-A powerful aid in seeking victory in court cases, it is also used in spells of money drawing, protection and hex and curse breaking. Gambling, luck.

LUNGWORT LEAF-Also known as Jerusalem cowslip or herb of Mary, used to ward off evil magic and spirits, is also known for its many healing properties.

LYCII BERRIES-Also known as goji berries, are commonly used within traditional Chinese medicine to restore vigor, vitality and youth.

MACA ROOT-Spoken of in legend as a source of strength for Inca warriors in battle. Today, is used as an herbal supplement and to aid with fertility.

MAGNESIUM CITRATE-Commonly found over the counter and prescribed by doctors as a potent laxative.

MAGUEY ROOT-Used as a charm within mojo bags and other forms of ritual magic to inspire lust or, contrastingly, to help seek spiritual cleansing.

MAIDENHAIR-Romance, Joy.

MANDRAKE-DO NOT CONSUME A powerful herb, used to create a Homonculus. Also aids in exorcism, spells involving spirits and increasing magical potency. Binding, Strengthening, Protection, Power.

MANGOSTEEN-A variety of fruit that has been used for centuries in the treatment of wounds, skin infections, and dysentery.

MARJORAM LEAF-Known since ancient times, marjoram was used in wreathes to ensure happiness in marriage, and to give peace to departed souls. Spiritual bliss, Strength.

MARSHMALLOW ROOT-Used in treating sore throats and in culinary recipes. Records of its use date back to ancient Egypt and its refinement to medieval France.

MEADOWSWEET-A favored flower of ancient festivals and weddings, and in offerings to the dead, it has strong ties to ceremonies of life and death. Romance and Marriage.

MILK THISTLE-Traditional herb for treating liver issues, can be used in treating liver disorders, lowering cholesterol and reducing insulin resistance.

MISTLETOE-Mystical herb that is of aid in spells of fertility and love. Also good for sacred spells of protection and producing prophetic visions. Protection, Love, Fertility.

MOJO WISH BEAN-Commonly used in wish magic, where it is carried for seven days to grant a wish. Also good for divination and offerings to St. Joseph.

MOSS, OAK-Grounding, Peace.

MOSS, SPANISH-Binding, to stuff gris-gris.

MOTHERWORT-Popular among midwives of the world, it earns its name by commonly being prescribed to help ease the process of child birth. Protection, Strength.

MUGWORT-Often used to protect against evil spirits, is believed to also dispel fatigue from travelers. Aids in astral travel, dreams and divination. Psychic power, Dreams, Astral travel.

MUIRA PUAMA ROOT-From the Amazon, it is known as a potent aphrodisiac, shown to improve sex drives and performance in both genders.

MULLEIN LEAF-An ancient form of protection against black magic, curses and other negative energy, helps keep away demons and instill courage.

MUSTARD SEED BROWN-Primarily used as a culinary spice. Also used for poultices and compresses for coughs, colds and other such irritations.

MYRRH RESIN-Protection, Health, Spirituality.

NETTLES LEAF-Believed to be a powerful protection against poison and illness, and is used to remove curses and help in exorcisms. Protection, Confound enemies.

NUTMEG-Change, Health, Visions.

Nutritional Yeast Flour-Often used as nutritional supplement, with many vitamins. Also used in treating digestive issues, including Crohn's disease.

OAT STRAW-Often used in a tea as a nutritional supplement that can help ease the symptoms of the menstrual cycle.

OLIVE LEAVES-Spoken of in legend as being the creation of Athena, is widely believed to possess healing qualities.

ORANGE PEEL-Aids in digestion, preventing indigestion, and lowering cholesterol. Also a source of vitamin C, helping to prevent cold and flu.

OREGON GRAPE ROOT-Popular as an alternative to goldenseal, offers anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities and is used to ease upset stomachs.

ORRIS ROOT-Primarily used as a base for perfumes and scented oils, has also been used medicinally as an anti-inflammatory. Love, Beauty, Divination.

OSHA ROOT, Whole-Sacred to Native Americans for purification and dreaming, and has antiviral qualities. Also can have a catnip-like effect on bears.

PAPAIN-An enzyme derived from papaya fruit, most widely known as a meat tenderizer, and is used medicinally for a wide range of ailments.

PARSLEY LEAF-Used as a culinary spice. Associated with renewed vigor, love, and protection, and used by the ancients to crown the victorious.

PASSION FLOWER-Aids in finding emotional balance, helping to bring peace and friendship. Also good for treating hysteria, nerve pain and seizures. Peace, Friendship, Love.

PATCHOULI LEAF-Aids in reversing magic and driving away troubles. Also good for divination and spells of passion and love, as well as sex magic.

PATCHOULI ROOT-A powerful addition to your ritual magics for personal growth, and an aid in spells of money drawing and fertility. Protection, Lust, Money.

PAU D'ARCO-Ancient dietary supplement used by Aztecs, Incas and other Native Americans, of great use in strengthening the immune system.

PEACH LEAF-Used medicinally for hundreds of years, for everything from healing wounds and curing warts to treating bronchitis.

PENNYROYAL LEAF-Useful for spells of purification, it can be used in spells of protection and exorcism. Also used to help stimulate the menstrual cycle. Strength, Power, Protection.

PEPPERMINT LEAF-Useful for inspiring visionary dreams and psychic ability, and in treating heartburn, colds and flu or creating a calm, restful state. Money, Health, Cleansing, Intuition.

PERWINKLE-A flowering ground cover in gardens, is being explored for its potential to help enhance memory and help with the onset of age.

PINK ROSE PETALS-Used by ancient Romans to celebrate special events and worship the gods. Often used in happiness, emotional balance and love spells.

PIPSISSEWA-Used medicinally within the lore of Native American tribes for treating problems involving the urinary tract.

PLANTAIN LEAF-One of the Saxons' nine sacred herbs. Used to ward off jealousy and envy, and is quite powerful when used in healing magic. Healing, Soothing.

PLEURISY ROOT-Originally used in Native American medicine, is commonly used in herbalism to treat coughs, inflammation and fever.

POKE ROOT-A stimulant to the immune system. Side effects include spaciness and inhibited mental clarity. Large doses can result in nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

POPPYSEED-Fertility, Dreams, Intuition.

PRICKLY ASH BARK-Shares many qualities of its Asian cousin the Szechuan pepper, and is often used in treating chronic pain and stomach problems.

PSYLLIUM SEED HUSK-Popular as part of intestinal "cleanses", provides dietary fiber that can easily be mixed with water, juice or taken in capsules.

PYGEUM BARK-A popular remedy from South African tribes for treating what they called "old man disease," or benign prostate enlargement.

QUASSIA CHIPS-Once part of a tonic used to treat stomach aches, today is used in a mixture that keeps children from sucking their thumbs.

QUEEN OF THE MEADOW-Introduced to America by European settlers, is also known as Joe Pye weed, and is often used to reduce fever and pain. Power, Protection.

RASPBERRY LEAF-Useful in seeking visions, and in spells of divination, protection and love. Also used as dietary aid during pregnancy. Peace, Fertility.

RED CLOVER-Cleansing, Purification.

RED ROOT-Known as an astringent, expectorant, sedative and antispasmodic. Used by herbalists to treat skin problems, coughs and anxiety.

RED ROSE BUDS & PETALS-Great for spells of love and happiness, as well as those that seek prosperity. Also good for treating headaches, dizziness and anxiety.

RHODIOLA ROOT-Traditionally given to marrying couples to ensure fertility, modern herbalists recognize it as an adaptogen.

ROSE HIPS-Used for calling good spirits and seeking their aid. Also good for seeking good luck. Can be used as a good source of vitamin C. Protection, Wealth.

ROSEBUDS-Love, Luck.

ROSEMARY LEAF-Traditionally used as an aid to increase memory and spells of love and romance. Also good treatment of depression and headaches. Protection, Purification.

ROWAN-Protection, Visions.

RUE-Health, Protection, Mental Power.

SAFFLOWER-Success, Prosperity.

SAGE LEAF-Known for its powers of protection, healing and prosperity. Also said to be of great use in seeking wisdom, and for treating colds.

SAGE, CLARY-Purification, home blessing.

SAGE, WHITE-Loose bundles for energy cleansing.

SALT PETER-Commonly used by women to keep their partner from straying. Also of great use in exorcisms and other purification rituals.

SANDALWOOD, RED-Commonly used for rituals of purification or as an offering to gods and spirits. Also good for spells seeking healing and protection. Energy, Courage, Protection, Lust.

SANDALWOOD, WHITE-Spirituality, Energy, Cleansing.

SARSAPARILLA ROOT-The main ingredient in soft drinks of the same name, can also aid in responses to fatigue and stress in a manner akin to ginseng.

SASSAFRAS-Mostly viewed as an ingredient for tea, it can also be used to ease the pains of menstruation and the ache of joint issues, like rheumatism. Grounding, happy home.

SAW PALMETTO BERRY-Long held in native lore to be a potent aphrodisiac, also aids in building muscle tissue and are used to treat the urinary tract. Sexuality, Lust, Romance.

SCHISANDRA BERRIES-Used in traditional Chinese medicine to resist the common cold. Known as an antidepressant, aphrodisiac, and stamina enhancer.

SCULLCAP-Often used in spells and rituals seeking everlasting fidelity and commitment, it can also be used to treat numerous nervous disorders. Love, Fidelity, Peace.

SEA SALT-A powerful aid in protective magic, and good for cleansing and purifying crystals. Sometimes used to represent the element of Water. Cleansing, Purifying.

SENNA-Well known in folk medicine and herbal lore, it was an ingredient in numerous famous tonics. Commonly found now in diet teas.

SHARK CARTILAGE-Traditions hold that it can spiritually aid in achieving the properties of a shark, including their ferocity and vigor.

SHAVEGRASS-Well known in both Chinese medicine and European herblore for treating bleeding wounds, ulcers and the digestive tract.

SHEEP SORREL-Used in Ojibwa folk medicine, it is a key component in the treatment known as Essiac, spoken of in lore as a treatment for illness.

SHEPARD'S PURSE-Used throughout the world for both food and folk medicine, and is considered useful in stopping internal and external bleeding.

SLIPPERY ELM BARK-Once widely used to make everything from rope to wagon wheels, is now mostly used in herbal remedies treating the digestive tract. Protection, Exorcism.

SNAKE ROOT-Luck, money, love.

SOAPWORT-Has been used for centuries in the production of soap. Also used in old lore for treating gout, rheumatism and numerous skin disorders.

SOLOMON'S SEAL-Aids in the creation of magical seals and binding spirits. Also used as an aphrodisiac, or as a poultice for bruises and inflammation. Protection, Spirituality.

SPEARMINT-Good for invigorating the mind and stimulating the senses. Used as smelling salts, or in treating ailments of the digestive tract. Happiness, Peace.

SPIKENARD ROOT-Also known as Nard, used historically in perfumes and incense, and is used today in Ayurvedic practice as a sedative. Wisdom, Learning.

SPIRULINA-A blue-green algae popular among athletes, bodybuilders, and pregnant women for its ability to improve stamina and strength.

SQUAW VINE-Reported to aid in reducing labor pains and to aid after pregnancy with pain associated with lactation or the menstrual cycle.

SQUILL POWDER-Money, protection, unhexing.

ST JOHN'S WORT-Great for warding off evil spirits or negative magic. Can be quite potent in exorcisms, instilling courage and divination. Purification, Protection.

STEVIA-A traditional South American ingredient to medicinal tea for heartburn and other illness. Often used now as an alternative sweetener.

STONE ROOT-Used within Native American traditions to treat cuts and wounds and is praised by modern herbalists for treating kidney stones.

STRAWBERRY LEAF-Useful in treating all manner of aches and pains and is sometimes used to assist with problems of the digestive tract.

STYRAX GUM-Grounding, Truth.

SULFUR POWDER, BRIMSTONE-Associated with hell, and the devil, it is also quite good for destroying an enemy's hold on you or preventing curses and hexes. Protection, power, hexbreaker

SUMA-Derived from a common food source within South America and is believed to help relieve fatigue and improve reaction to stress.

TANSY-Used for treating fevers, sores and digestive problems. Also associated with funerals and mourning due to its use in New England. Connection with the Goddess.

TARRAGON LEAF-A popular herb in French cuisine, aids with digestive matters as well as its ability to stimulate appetite and induce sleep.

THYME LEAF-Used to ward off nightmares and aid in finding sleep. Also good for instilling courage and in to ease the spirits into the next life. Cleansing, Clearing.

TONGKAT ALI-Native to Indonesia and Malaysia, used by men globally as an aphrodisiac to increase libido, energy and sexual desire.

TONKA-Love, Money, Courage, Wishes.

TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS-Used in traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic practice and herblore to treat infertility and libido problems.

TYROSINE-A dietary supplement containing the amino acid Tyrosine and is used to treat depression and fatigue, and a variety of other illnesses.

UVA URSI-Fertility, Dreams.

VALERIAN ROOT-Quite potent in spells and rituals of protection and purification. Well known for warding off negative intention and magic. Sleep, Protection, Purification.

VANILLA BEAN-Used in the culinary arts and aromatherapy. Known for its ability to help stir the senses, inspiring desire and lust as an aphrodisiac.

VERVAIN-Aids in warding off evil spirits and vampires. It is also a great aid of divination, trances, dream magic and creating love spells. Love, Protection, Chastity, Healing.


VETIVERT-Grounding, Protection.

WHEAT GRASS-Often viewed as a cure-all and dietary supplement. Contains many vitamins and minerals and helps to lower blood pressure.

WHITE OAK BARK-Is being explored as a dietary supplement, with vitamin B12 and many minerals. Often used in skin creams. Strength, Courage.

WHITE PINE BARK-Explored medicinally by Native Americans, and is popularly used in treatments for cough and cold as an expectorant.

WHITE SAGE-The preferred herb for smudging. Good for cleansing and rituals of healing and protection, and blessings prosperity.

WHITE WILLOW BARK-Frequently associated with the moon or the element of Water. Can be good for spells and rituals of healing as well as those of binding. Intuition, Luck.


WILD LETTUCE LEAF-Used by Native Americans as an aid in seeking meditative trances and visions. Is also used as an anesthetic and sleep aid.

WINTERGREEN-Used by native Americans to treat rheumatism, fevers, sore throats and many other ailments of the common cold and flu. Protection, Healing, Hex-breaking.

WITCHHAZEL BARK-Introduced to the world by Native Americans, is commonly used in topical treatments of skin problems and as part of a gargle.

WITCHHAZEL LEAF-Brewed in tea by Native Americans to treat everything from cuts to colds, including as an aid for heavy menstruation.

WITCHHAZEL-Purification, Chastity, Psychic ability.

WITCHES GRASS-Often used to represent Jupiter. Can be potent in spells seeking happiness, good luck or overcoming obstacles. Also good in exorcisms.

WOLF'S BANE-Protection, healing, hex-breaking. DO NOT INGEST.

WOOD BETONY-Used in old lore within amulets to ward off evil, spirits and ill humors. Herbalists also use it to treat illness of the throat. For work with Elementals.

WOODRUFF-Believed to possess powers of healing for spells and rituals. Also used as a mild sedative or in aiding the liver. Can also keep away insects. Protection, Blessing.

WORMWOOD-Commonly used to treat gastric pain and indigestion. Also believed to aid in reducing fevers and in treating the circulatory system. Protection, Banish anger.

XANTHAN GUM-Used as a thickening and binding agent in food and cosmetics, great for creating your own lotions, bath washes and the like.

YARROW FLOWER-Often used in handfasting ceremonies and weddings. Also helpful in spells of divination or in treating wounds, colds, coughs and flu. Courage, Love, Power.

YELLOWDOCK ROOT-Often viewed as a powerful aid in attracting money and good luck, particularly in business. Some also view it as great aid for love spells. Healing, Fertility.

YERBA MATE GREEN-Believed to provide a boost to energy and wakefulness while still allowing one to fall asleep as desired. Popularly used as a tea. God Communication.

YOHIMBE BARK-Believed to increase virility in men and function as an aphrodisiac, is also used to treat fever, coughs and other illness. Sexuality.

YUCCA ROOT-Traditionally viewed by Native Americans as a medicinal aid in treating irritation, pain and discomfort of the joints and skin.

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