Absolutism and Age of Enlightenment Review Sheet

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World Cultures Enriched

Absolutism and Age of Enlightenment Review Sheet

  • Study the PowerPoints and handouts for these topic (Found on my teacher web page)

  • Chapter 16 (All) and Chapter 17 (Sections 1 and 2)

Religious Wars

  • Describe why the Peace of Augsburg failed.

  • Know the events of the French Civil War and role of Catherine de Medici

  • Know the causes and outcomes of the Thirty Years War

  • Explain the importance of the Peace of Westphalia

Absolute Monarchs

  • Explain how Monarchs justified their ruling power

  • Know the 3 key components of being an Absolute Monarch

  • Know the accomplishments, characteristics, and failures of all of the Absolute Monarchs (Phillip II, Louis XIV, Peter the Great, Catherine the Great, Frederick the Great, Elizabeth I, and Oliver Cromwell)

  • Know the Timeline and events leading to the English Civil War that ended with the Glorious Revolution

The Enlightenment

  • Explain the impact of the Scientific Revolution, Renaissance, and Reformation on the Enlightenment

  • Know the philosophies and ideas for all the Enlightenment Thinkers (Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Baron de Montesquieu, Denis Diderot, Voltaire, Adam Smith, Cessare Beccaria)

  • Know the different forms for government

  • Know the different theories of government

  • Explain what a Salon is

  • Describe how Enlightenment Thinkers hid their ideas

Essay Topics

  1. Analyze the way in which the Thirty Years War represented a turning point in European History. Select three reasons to support your thesis.

  2. Compare and Contrast the Enlightened Despots (Frederick, Peter, and Catherine the Great), Traditional Absolute Monarchs (Phillip II and Louis XIV), and Constitutional Monarchies of England. Which one was the most effective form of rule?

  3. Compare and contrast Hobbes’s perspective on man to that of Locke’s and explain which was a truer interpretation of the nature of man?

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