Abrahamic traditions

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Abrahamic traditions. The three major religions that trace their origin to the Hebrew patriarch Abraham: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

accident-prone. Being involved in a greater than average number of accidents or having personality traits that predispose to accidents.

accommodation. A process whereby a new group adapts to the values or customs of a dominant social group by making adjustments that allow for the existing group’s interests.

active dying. The end phase of a terminal illness when death is expected to occur within hours or a few days and involving a set of physical signs or symptoms usually associated with the period just before death occurs.

acute care. The use of aggressive medical techniques to diagnose illness or injury, relieve symptoms, provide treatment, and sustain life.

acute grief. The intense expression of the reaction to significant loss.

acute pain. A biological signal of the potential for or extent of injury that can serve as a protective mechanism, prompting the sufferer to remove or withdraw from the source of pain.

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