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Chapter 7

7:1, 2 Who is Melchizedek? What did Melchizedek do for Abraham?

7:3 How is Melchizedek like the Son of God?

7:4 How was Melchizedek great?

7:5 What do you learn about the sons of Levi who became priests?

7:6 What do you know about Abraham, Levi and Melchizedek?

7:7 Who blesses whom?

7:8 What difference is there between those who received the tenth part?

7:9, 10 How is it that Levi paid a tenth part before he received a tenth part?

7:11 How is the goodness of a priest important to you?

7:12 Why must there be a change in the law of Moses?

7:13 Why was the family of Jesus not a family that would have priests in it?

7:14 What do you learn about priests?

7:15-17 Jesus’ showed a new way of being a priest. What is special about it?

7:18 Why has God put the old law aside?

7:19 What is the difference between the old law and the new law?

7:20-22 Jesus is a priest with a *vow from God. How is this better for you?

7:23, 24 How is Jesus different from the priests of the old law?

7:25 What is Jesus able to do for you? Why?

7:26 Why do you need a chief priest like Jesus?

7:27, 28 How is Jesus different from the other chief priests?

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