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Chapter 6

6:1, 2 What should you do? What should you not do?

6:3 Can you move on from these basic truths on your own? Who do we need to help us?

6:4 What do some people not understand?

6:5 What have these people known?

6:6 What have these people done? What is this like?

6:7 Would plants grow without God?

6:8 What happens if only weeds grow?

6:9 What does the writer expect of his readers?

6:10 What does God notice? How are you showing your work and love for God?

6:11 What does the writer want for his readers?

6:12 What should you do?

6:13 Why was God’s *vow to Abraham so certain to happen?

6:14 How did God promise to bless Abraham?

6:15 What did Abraham have to do while he waited for God’s promise to happen?

6:16 Why do people make a *vow?

6:17 Why did God make this *vow? Why did God *vow in his own name?

6:18 Why may we have great comfort and a sure hope?

6:19 What kind of hope do you have?

6:20 Where has Jesus gone? What is he doing there?

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