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Chapter 2

2:1 Why must you learn God’s message and obey it?

2:2 What happened to people who did not obey the messages from *angels?

2:3 Why must you not neglect what the *Lord Jesus Christ claims?

2:4 How can you be sure about God’s message of *salvation?

2:5 When will the *angels be less important than they are now?

2:6 What does the Bible say about you as a *human being?

2:7 What does this verse tell you about men and women?

2:8 What do you, as a human person, have authority over?

2:9 What can you learn about Jesus in this verse?

2:10 Whom did God make all things for? How did God make Jesus our perfect leader?

2:11 What differences does it make to be a brother or sister to Jesus?

2:12 What will Jesus do?

2:13 What does Jesus say about himself in this verse?

2:14 In what ways did Jesus become a *human being like you? Why did he do that?

2:15 What did the death of Jesus do for you?

2:16 Who is it that Jesus came to help?

2:17 Why did Jesus have to become like you?

2:18 Why did Jesus have to suffer testing? What tests did he have?

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