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Chapter 6

6:1-2 So, let us leave behind the elementary teaching about Christ. Let us grow up into mature Christians. We should not need to learn again about:

turning from bad actions to trust in God

Jewish ceremonies of *washings

the special use of hands in religion

raising the dead

final judgement

6:3 If God allows, we shall advance from these basic truths.

6:4 They who turn against God cannot come back to him. These people once knew the truth. They have glimpsed heaven. They have had an experience of the Holy Spirit. 6:5 They have known the goodness of God’s word. They have known something of the powers of the world to come. 6:6 Now they refuse all this. It is as if such people fix the Son of God to the cross once again. They bring shame on him in public. 6:7 The ground that drinks the rain that often falls upon it makes plants grow for the people who farm. God blesses that ground. 6:8 But if the land grows nothing but weeds, it is not worth anything. In the end men will burn it.

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