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Chapter 1

1:1 In what ways did God speak in the past? When did God speak in the past?

1:2 What do you learn about Jesus, God’s Son, from this verse?

1:3 Who is the Son? What does the Son do for you? Why is Jesus so important?

1:4 How is the name of Jesus greater than the names of *angels?

1:5 What difference is there between the *angels and Jesus?

1:6 Who must the *angels of God *worship? Why should the *angels *worship him?

1:7 *Angels act like winds and flames of fire. What would you expect them to do?

1:8 What do you learn about the *kingdom of Jesus from this verse?

1:9 Why did God choose Jesus? What has God done for Jesus?

1:10 What does God call his Son Jesus? What did Jesus make?

1:11 What will change? What will stay the same for ever?

1:12 What is special about Jesus?

1:13 What will happen to all God’s enemies?

1:14 What are the *angels doing for you?

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