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Chapter 3

3:1 Brothers and sisters in Christ who belong to God, you share the call to be with him in heaven. So let us take time to think about Jesus. God sent him to us to show what he is like and to be the chief priest whom we trust. 3:2 He did what God sent him to do, just as Moses did in the house of God. 3:3 The person who builds a house gets more honour than the house. That is why Jesus gets more honour than Moses. 3:4 Every house has a builder, but God is the one who builds all things. 3:5 God told Moses what to do and he did it as the servant of God in all his house. Moses spoke about what God would say in the future. 3:6 Jesus Christ was true as a Son over the house of God. We are his house, if we keep our confidence and *boldly trust in him to the end.

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