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:5 God did not make *angels to govern the world to come, which is our subject. 2:6

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2:5 God did not make *angels to govern the world to come, which is our subject. 2:6 The Bible says (Psalm 8:4-6), ‘What are *human beings that God thinks of them? What are the sons and daughters of *humanity that God cares for them? 2:7 God made them for a little while to be lower than the *angels. Then God made them kings of all with royal power and honour. 2:8 God has put all things under their authority’. God left nothing outside their authority. As it is, however, we do not yet see all things under their authority. 2:9 But we see Jesus. For a little while, God made him lower than the *angels. Now Jesus is the king in heaven, where he has a crown of great honour. This is because he suffered and died for us. He accepted our death, so that by the goodness of God we need not suffer in the same way.

2:10 God made all things for himself and all things exist by his power. It was fitting that he should make Jesus our perfect leader. He did this by having Jesus suffer and die for our *sins. 2:11 Jesus is the one who makes men and women holy. The holy ones are those who have believed in Jesus. They have become one with Jesus. So he is not ashamed to call them brothers and sisters. 2:12 Jesus says to his Father, ‘I will tell my brothers and sisters your name. With your people, I will praise you in songs’ (Psalm 22:22). 2:13 Again he says, ‘I will put my trust in God’ (Isaiah 8:17). At another time he says, ‘Look, I am here with the children that God has given to me’, (Isaiah 3:18).

2:14 The children that he speaks about all have human bodies. Jesus became a real *human being like them. He died as we must die. The devil had the power of death. Jesus broke that power when he died. 2:15 He died to free us from the fear of death. Until Jesus came, people were so afraid of death that they were like slaves to it. 2:16 He did not come to help the *angels. He came to help those who have their origins in Abraham. 2:17 He had to be like them in everything. Then he could be the chief priest for them to bring them to God. He is so kind to them and they can depend on him as their agent to God. He had to be like them so that he could die as a *sacrifice for their *sins. God accepts this *sacrifice and takes all their *sins from them. 2:18 Jesus had to suffer all kinds of testing, but he did not fail. This makes him able to help any who are in need of the strength to do what is right.

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