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Chapter 12

12:1 What should you be aware of? What should you stop doing? What should you do?

12:2 Who should you keep looking to? Why? What did Jesus do for you?

12:3 What should you do? What will be the difference if you do these things?

12:4 What did the writer say about the readers of this book?

12:5 Have you forgotten God’s words? When must you listen especially to the *Lord? What must you not do?

12:6 What can you expect if the *Lord has accepted you as his son?

12:7 What should be your answer to God’s discipline? What does God’s discipline show you?

12:8 Why should you accept God’s discipline?

12:9 Who do you respect for the discipline that they have used to train you? How should you reply to the discipline of God, our father?

12:10 Why do fathers train their children? Why does God train you?

12:11 How did you feel about discipline when you were a child? How do you consider discipline now? What are the benefits of training by discipline?

12:12 What do you need to do?

12:13 What should you do?

12:14 What do you need if you want to see the *Lord?

12:15 What should you not do? What could be the result of your anger?

12:16 What did Esau do that was so wrong? What caused him to *sin like that?

12:17 What did Esau find out?

12:18 What were the mountains that the *Israelites saw like? Do you face such mountains?

12:19 Could you expect to have the experiences that the *Israelites had?

12:20 Could anyone choose to go to the mountain?

12:21 What was it like at Mount Sinai?

12:22 Where have you come as a child of God?

12:23 What has happened for you?

12:24 Who made the new agreement? How did he make it? Why is Jesus’ blood better than the blood of Abel?

12:25 What do you need to do? What happened to those who refused to listen to *warnings on earth? What will happen if you refuse to hear *warnings from heaven?

12:26, 27 What do you learn about what God will do?

12:28 What have you received as a believer? What should you do?

12:29 What do you learn about God?

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