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Chapter 11

11:1 What is the like a foundation for your hope? How does this foundation work out?

11:2 What did the people who lived long ago show you?

11:3 What can happen because of your trust in God?

11:4 What do you learn about Abel?

11:5 What do you learn about Enoch?

11:6 What attitude must you have to be able to come to God? What must you do to be able to come to God?

11:7 What was Noah’s relationship with God? How do you know? In what way did Noah show up evil?

11:8 What did God call Abraham to do? What did Abraham do when God called him?

11:9 What did Abraham, Isaac and Jacob do? Why did they do it?

11:10 What was Abraham expecting in the future?

11:11 How did God test Abraham’s and Sarah’s *faith?

11:12 What unusual thing happened to Abraham? What was the result?

11:13 What happened to these people? What did they think about what happened?

11:14 What were these people looking for?

11:15 What could the people have done instead?

11:16 What did the people desire? What is God’s relationship to them? What has God done for them?

11:17 How did God test Abraham’s trust in him? Why was Isaac so precious to Abraham?

11:18 What had been God’s promise to Abraham?

11:19 What happened for Abraham?

11:20 How could Isaac promise good things for Jacob and Esau?

11:21 What did Jacob do by trusting God?

11:22 How did Joseph show his *faith in God?

11:23 How did the parents of Moses’ show that they trusted God?

11:24 What did Moses refuse to do?

11:25 What did Moses choose to do? What could Moses have chosen instead?

11:26 What did Moses choose? What did he keep thinking about?

11:27 Why was Abraham able to leave Egypt without fear?

11:28 What did Abraham have to do by *faith?

11:29 What happened to God’s people who trusted him? What happened to the Egyptians?

11:30 What did the people believe? What did they do? What happened?

11:31 What do you learn about Rahab?

11:32 What do you know about these people? Do you know any of the stories about these people?

11:33 What did these people achieve by *faith? Do you know any people who are living like that today?

11:34 What did these people achieve by *faith? Do you know any of the stories about these people in the Bible? Do you know stories like that about people who are living today?

11:35 What do you learn about these women of *faith?

11:36 What did some people who have *faith suffer?

11:37 What happened to some people who had *faith in God?

11:38 How does the writer describe these people who trusted God? What happened to them?

11:39 What was the result for those who trusted God?

11:40 How are you involved if you trust God?

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