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Chapter 10

10:1 What good did the law of Moses do? Why was that law not sufficient?

10:2 Were the *sacrifices of the old law sufficient? If they had been, what would have been different?

10:3 What did the *sacrifices do for the people?

10:4 What could the blood of the animals not do?

10:5, 6 What did Jesus talk to God about?

10:7 What did Jesus say that he came to do?

10:8, 9 What did Jesus say about *sacrifices and offerings for *sins? Did Jesus do what he wanted to do?

10:10 What did Jesus do for you? Is that what God wants?

10:11 What could the daily *sacrifices never do?

10:12 Was Jesus a priest? What did he do?

10:13 What is Jesus waiting for God to do?

10:14 What did Jesus do for you?

10:15 What does the Holy Spirit do?

10:16 Where has God put his law?

10:17 What is God’s attitude to your *sin?

10:18 What difference does it make for anyone when God forgives their *sins?

10:19 What can you do because of what the blood of Jesus does for you?

10:20 What has Jesus’ blood done for you?

10:21 How does it help you that Jesus is a chief priest?

10:22 What does the writer invite you to do? How can you come to God? Why may you come? What is different for you when you come this way?

10:23 What should you do? What is your proper attitude to God?

10:24 What should you do for other believers?

10:25 What must you not do? What must you do more and more now?

10:26 What can you choose to do? What is the result of those choices?

10:27 What would it mean to you to have God as your judge, in this way? What will God’s judgement be like if you choose to continue in *sin?

10:28 What was the result for someone who did not respect the law of Moses?

10:29 What happens to the person who turns back from the Son of God? Who is insulted when someone turns back like that?

10:30 Who will be the judge of his people? Can you *sin and there not be a punishment?

10:31 What do you learn about God?

10:32 What did the Hebrew Christians need to remember? Do you need to remember this?

10:33 What happened to them? Could this happen to you?

10:34 What had they done for other people? What hope helped them? Could this same hope help you?

10:35 What must your attitude be to the truth? How will you benefit from your trust in the truth?

10:36 What do you need to do? What will be the result?

10:37 What was going to happen very soon?

10:38 What is the way to live? How is trust in God related to doing what is right?

10:39 What will happen to you if you turn back from God? What good thing is yours if you trust God?

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