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Chapter 9

9:1 How could the first agreement be helpful to you?

9:2, 3 The writer describes the tent and its contents here. What does it show you about praising God and giving him honour and respect?

9:4, 5 What do you learn from the contents of the Holy Place?

9:6 How did they use the first room to *worship God?

9:7 Who could go into the inner room? Whose *sins did he offer blood for?

9:8 Who was giving the information? What information was he giving?

9:9 What could the old special tent do for you? What could it not do for you?

9:10 What was the purpose of the gifts?

9:11 What has Jesus done by coming as chief priest? Who made this special tent?

9:12 What did Jesus not do? What did Jesus do for you?

9:13 What did the priest do for the people? What was the result of that?

9:14 What is the blood of Jesus able to do for you? What may you do because of what Jesus has done?

9:15 What did Jesus do for you? What benefit is there to you from the new agreement?

9:16 What may people do with a person’s property after that person has died? Is it different if the person has written down his wishes?

9:17 What value has a will, while the person is still alive? (Some people write down what they want to happen to their things after they die. We call what they write a will.) Perhaps someone has put your name in a will. What value is that to you if they are still alive? What value is that will if they live longer than you?

9:18 What had death to do with the start of the first agreement?

9:19 Say, and write in your own words what Moses did.

9:20 What did the people have to do about the agreement?

9:21, 22 How did Moses use the blood? What is impossible without *sacrifice of blood?

9:22 THIS is a verse that every believer should learn.

9:23 What are the differences between the copies on earth and the real things in heaven?

9:24 What did Jesus do? What is Jesus doing now?

9:25 How are the chief priests and Jesus different?

9:26 What did Jesus do for us once? Why was that only once?

9:27 What will happen to you and to all people?

9:28 What did Jesus do when he came the first time? Why will Jesus come again? What will Jesus do when he comes the second time?

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