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By Amena Chowdhury


I know Johanna from ESL 098 class. She is very friendly and sweet person.  Now she is in my ESL 099 class. She is from Santo Domingo the city of Dominican Republic. Her first language is Spanish. Sometimes she likes to go back to her country.

Her birthday is April 1 1978. She came to U.S. at December 21, 1995.

 She lives in Brooklyn now with her cousin and his wife. Her job is Home health aid. She has wished to buy a nice house.

 She comes to La Guardia College to take class. Her major is computer programming. She has computer at home but she likes buy a new computer next year. She finished her High School Diploma from her country.

She likes to wear short dress, her favorite season is summer and color is blue. She likes to play volleyball. She likes to eat pasta and soup.

 She is a good person and I am happy to see her in my class again.

About Johanna Pimentel

by Johanna

      At this time is very difficult to find good friends, but not impossible because I have a very good friend and she is like my sister. I want to talk about her because I want that my classmate know a little about her life. I am sure that if you know her you can be good friends as we are.

      She is Johanna Pimentel. She was born in the Dominican Republic in the center of the country called Santo Domingo. She is twenty-four years old. She has been here in the United States since 1995. She lives with her brother, her cousin and his wife, the only family that she has here because the rest of her family is in Santo Domingo.
      She has been working since she was twelve years old in different kind of job. Now she is working as home health aid in queens. She finishes her high school in the Dominican Republic and she has a diploma as bank cashier. Now she is studying at LaGuardia Community College and her major is computer program. After that she wants to learn different languages.
      She likes all king of music and she dances very well. Her favorite colors are white and blue and her favorite foods are pasta and all kind of seafood. Her favorite season is the summer in which she enjoys her short dresses and swimming. Her favorite sport is volleyball. In her free time she likes to embroider and weave which she learned when she was ten years old. She likes all kind of people but she dislike dishonest people and the people who become angry easily. She likes to paint, but she says that she is very bad painter.
      She knows many countries of United State like Massachusset, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Boston, and Providence. If she would have some money, she wants to know Florida, Las Vegas and Mexico. Also she wants to buy a house in her country.
      She is very sensible person, but very good friend. I am glad that I have her as friend. I hope that you can know her with this little biography and be her friend too.

Johanna Pimentel

By Ximena Garcia


My partner’s name is Johanna. Johanna was born in Dominican Republic in April 1, 1978. She is living in the United States since December 21, 1995. She lives in Brooklyn, New York with her brother and her cousin. Her first language is Spanish. Her major at LaGuardia Community College is Computer Program. She likes computer as a result that computer is going to be job for the future. Right now she is taking ESL classes as a requirement for her major.

Johanna likes three Holidays one of them is February 27, which is the Independence Day of her Country, the second is Christmas and the third is New Year. In addition, her favorite color is white and blue. The reason why she came to the United States is the opportunities that the people have to progress. Also, she likes to use her computer at home so, she can practice her typing. Her favorite season is summer because she can practice her hobbies such as to play volleyball and swimming. She would like to visit someday Las Vegas, Florida, and Mexico City. However, she has visited Boston, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Massachusset.

Finally, one of her dreams is to going back to her country because she miss a lot of her family.

Johanna Pimentel

By Campos, Homero

 As student any person has the chance to meet different kind of people, different culture, race, beliefs, etc. I’ve met Johanna she was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in 1978 her birthday is April 1, and then she came to U.S. in December 21, 1995. Johanna’s first language is Spanish. She is always thinking in go back to her country again, where her family misses her a lot.

Johanna lives in Brooklyn, NY with her brother, cousin and his wife.

After working as a home health aid she has to take the train to come to school. She used to work as a bank cashier and now she saves money to buy a house in the future. As a hardworking person, the opportunities that this country gives to her are very important.

She thinks of La Guardia as “very good college” where her major is Computer Program, She took ESL97 and ESL98. She’s improving her skills in typing at home, and she’ll buy a new computer next year. In ESL99 her favorite topic is grammar. Sometimes she spends up to three hours doing homework.

Johanna favorite season is summer, she when to swim every weekend last summer, she enjoys volleyball also. Short dresses are her preference.

She is a really good embroider, and home decorator also. But one her wish is to paint something.

Back in her country, her three favorite holidays are: February 27, which is Independence Day, they celebrate a carnival, Christmas and New Year. She has been in Massachusset, Boston, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Her future traveling stops are Las Vegas, Florida and Mexico. Her favorite number is 1 and the treasure is her computer at home. Lately she saw Triple X she liked it.

One of the problems that she’d fight if she were a mayor is the illegal private clinic where abortion is practiced and close all stores that sell cigarettes to young people. About Giuliani: “was a very good mayor and he did his job well.” She said.

One of the things that I like of Johanna is that she is an open person to all kind of people, which represents her understanding and caring with anybody. As classmate I admire that qualities between her others.

Johanna Pimentel

By Ana Alequin

Johanna came from the Dominican Republic on December of 1995. Her first language is Spanish. Johanna lives in Brooklyn, New York with her brother, cousin and cousin’s wife. Her birthday is on April Fools Day.

During the summer she likes to go to the pool every weekend and plays volleyball. She likes the summer season very much, because she can wear all her short dresses.
Johanna is learning to speak English at La Guardia Community College. She has already taken ESL 97 and ESL 98, but she still thinks that she needs to practice her grammar. She really wants to be able to speak English fluently so she can move on and major in Computer Programming. She has a computer at home were she practices her typing, but she would like to buy a better and faster computer.
She is a very nice and bright girl and I’m sure that she will do just fine now in ESL099.

About Johanna

By Justyna Pawlowska

   I would like to introduce you to my friend Johanna Pimentel which I just met at La Guardia Community College.

   Johanna came to United States on December 21, 1995. She was born on April 1st, 1978 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Her first language is Spanish. She lives in Brooklyn, New York with her brother, cousin and sister in law.
   Before she came to class every day she's in her job. Johanna is home health aid. After work she gets to school by train.
   She chose La Guardia because she thinks it's a very good college. She already finished two courses here: ESL 097 and ESL 098. At this time she received her High School Diploma and Bank cashier. Her major is Computer Program. She thinks that three hours with her homework is good for her.
    Johanna's favourite number is 01, colors white and blue and favourite food paste and soup. She really likes volleyball and swimming, that's why for her the best season is summer. This summer she went to the pool every single week and she really enjoyed that. Johanna likes to wear short dresses. She listens to all kind of music.
    She has also something to say about politics. Bill Clinton in Johanna's opinion was the best president of the US. She thinks that Rudy Giuliani was a very good mayor and he did his job well. If she would has chance to be a mayor she will try to close the entire stores which sales cigarettes to teens and all the illegal clinics that practise an abortion.
    Johanna miss her family a lot of, that's why she thinks about coming back to her home country.
    My request to her is to keep doing good and always trying to get whatever she wants, which is very important in life.
    It's kind of amazing thing to learn about our class members and hopefully I'm not the only one who enjoy that kind of activities.


About Johanna Pimentel

By Luciana Rodriguez

              The most interesting thing about Laguardia is the chance of meeting people from all over the world; like Johanna, originally from Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo, born in April 4, 1978, living now in Brooklyn with a cousin, brother and sister-in-law, studying computer programming as her major and someday would like to learn how to paint too.

               She loves the summer for many reasons: to wear short dress, to swim in the pool, to play volleyball, etc..  She also loves to eat pasta, the blue and the white colors, the carnival, Christmas and New Year in her country.
               Like Johanna, I also think that Laguardia is a very good college and hopefully we should get the necessary skills to succeed in our lives!

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