Aboriginal Lands Parliamentary Standing Committee Act 2003

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Historical version: 18.9.2003 to 6.12.2013

South Australia

Aboriginal Lands Parliamentary Standing Committee Act 2003

An Act to provide for the establishment of the Aboriginal Lands Parliamentary Standing Committee; to define the functions, powers and duties of that Committee; and for other purposes.


Part 1—Preliminary

1 Short title

3 Interpretation

Part 2—Aboriginal Lands Parliamentary Standing Committee

Division 1—Establishment and membership of Committee

4 Establishment of Committee

5 Membership of Committee

Division 2—Functions of Committee

6 Functions of Committee

Division 3—Procedures, terms and powers of Committee

7 Presiding Member

8 Quorum

9 Term of office of members

10 Removal from and vacancies of office

11 Validity of acts of Committee despite vacancy

12 Procedure at meetings

13 Sittings of Committee

14 Admission of public

15 Minutes

16 Privileges, immunities and powers

17 Members not to take part in certain Committee proceedings

18 Committee may continue references made to previously constituted Committee

19 Immunity from judicial review

Division 4—References, reports and Ministerial response

20 Reports on matters referred

21 Minority reports

22 Matters may be remitted to Committee for further consideration

23 Reference of Committee report to Minister for response

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