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The following our photos of projects and activities depicting Agriculture Technology Management (AGTM) and Agricultural Education (AED) students from the University of Arizona engaging in educational activities.

AGTM 350 students pose with constructed PV projects.

Funding for AGTM 350 PV projects was provided by UA Green Fund Committee.

Rainwater harvesting cistern installed by students in the AGTM 330 class in spring 2013.

AGTM 350 students gain hands-on experience two-stroke troubleshooting experience from Mr. Mike Hudson of Echo.

AED 460 student teachers with their hydroponics display board in the CBETA classroom in Imuris, Mexico.

Student teachers work with a translator to communicate their presentation of a hydroponic to agriculture students in CBETA in Imuris, Sonora, Mexico.

AGTM 350 students pose with their constructed Grid-Direct PV system component cart.

Close-up of PV Grid-Direct system components mounted on portable racking system constructed and assembled by UA AGTM 350 students.

Completed PV demonstration units ready for demonstration for SEI workshop

Portable PV-powered livestock water pumping demonstration system on display at field day

A PV module, battery, and pump controller used to move water from the cistern for irrigation.

AGTM 330 students proudly pose after a successful install of the new cistern at the ATEC facility.

Creating UA-branded projects to engage students, and market our program.

Custom project fabrication as an experiential learning experience for AGTM students.

AGTM students gain first-hand knowledge from industry experts during field trips. Small engine shop maintenance at University of Arizona

Learning about production agriculture harvesting equipment at Stotz Equipment in Casa Grande

Fabricated projects donated to Arizona FFA Foundation for fundraising. Products representing the University of Arizona

AGTM students present their equipment research displays in the ATEC lab.

Judging a restored tractor exhibited by a 4-H group at the Pima County Fair, May 2014

AGTM student sets up and tests the operation of the PV-powered water pumping demonstration system.

The Team Activity Skill area for the 2014 State Agriculture Mechanics CDE is set up and ready to go. All materials were acquired from a mini-grant from the UA Green Fund Committee.

FFA team works to complete the drip irrigation installation activity during the State Agriculture Mechanics CDE. AGTM students set up, facilitate, and serve as event judges.

Nearly 35 UA students and 10 adult volunteers are involved in the conduct of the annual State Agriculture Mechanics CDE to facilitate the 10 groups of 10 contestants.

Hands-on skill activities for the CDE field day require extensive planning, resources, coordination, and preparation. Industry support in the form of loaned welding machines from Lincoln-Electric and Miller Welding keep the event relevant and up to date.



Inviting industry to bring in new technology to expose our pre-service student teachers to gas tungsten arc (GTAW) welding processes.

Pre-service student teachers get a brief “taste” of a welding process that is not taught in the AGTM course.

UA students evaluate an ag student conducting a pre-operation check before boarding a tractor in the annual William ‘Chase’ Foster Memorial Ag Power & Machinery Skills Event at U of A.

A high school contestant demonstrates his tractor backing skills to connect an implement to a three-point hitch during the annual William ‘Chase’ Foster Memorial Ag Power & Machinery Skills Event.

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Providing pre-service student teachers with opportunities to visit with veteran agriculture education teachers to discuss their teaching philosophy and talk about the challenges and rewards of working with underserved populations.

Pre-service student teachers visit and tour secondary agricultural education programs to view unique instructional facilities and learn what it takes to obtain the resources to provide students with opportunities to develop career-building competencies.

A contestant delivers a set of oral reasons on a placing class of lawn mower types to UA student judges & reason takers during the annual William ‘Chase’ Foster Memorial Ag Power & Machinery Skills Event at U of A.

Award trophies were fabricated by UA AGTM students as another way to “market” our agricultural education program. Individual contestants and teams were recognized for individual classes as well as overall performance.

The VRTEX 360 virtual welder is an example of our attempts to upgrade and improve our teaching technology.

Providing students an opportunity to practice welding-skill development. The virtual system guides students in the psychomotor skill development. Students can practice and sharpen their rod positioning, travel speed, angle and arc length.

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