Aaed tribal Economic Development Committee Meeting Notes/Minutes: Thursday, January 14, 2016

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AAED Tribal Economic Development Committee

Meeting Notes/Minutes: Thursday, January 14, 2016

Meeting Location: AAED Headquarters 3033 North Central Avenue, Suite 615 

Phoenix, AZ 85012 

Conference call: (415) 762‐9988/Meeting ID: 583 704 4609

  1. Welcome, Intro, Attendance

    1. Members: Tom Gettings, Kari McCormick, Bob Roessel, Brian Cole, Marcelino Flores, Rick Ireland, Karen Ratliff. STAFF: Joyce Grossman, Bridgette Blair, Tom Pitts

    2. Guests: Partnership w/Native Americans (Mark Ford, Rafael Tapia), Skylar for Chad Marchand, Kim Kanuho, Dr. JoAnn Di Filippo

  2. December Meeting Notes/Minutes approval: Rick, Tom, Kari

  3. Old Business

    1. Website Demonstration – Rob or Bridgette (5-min): Completed!

    2. Tribal ED101 – Tribal Education Sub Committee Update

      1. CIIC – Construction In Indian Country

        1. Marcelino – Kim Kanuho submitted RFP and was approved, the sub-committee will be going over the guidelines. This should help us prepare for the Spring Conference.

        2. Kim Kanuho – Met with Jerome Clark and they’re excited about the workshop. Gave update on the APA, began national division of Tribal Planners and have an AZ Sub Committee for Tribal. They have a workshop that was approved and will be presented by Nonah Nahabonie?

          1. Mentioned APA Conference on 4/2-4/5, and will have a one day Tribal Education Conference: Exclusive to tribal issues & initiatives, best practices.

          2. Kari – Heavy Cost for APA registration, asked about just the workshop registration.

          3. Marcelino – revisited the reciprocity idea.

      2. AAED Spring Conference

        1. Marcelino to provide Mary Wolf a blurb on what the Tribal ED101

      3. Collaboration with State Universities

        1. Marcelino introduced Chad Marchand – UofA introduced Skylar as his proxy.

        2. Rob asked the University representatives to really consider collaborating with our TEDC Education Sub-Committee.

        3. JoAnn DiFilippo – Dr. Morris is in contact with the University to hold a meeting to consolidate collaborative efforts. She did meet with Marcelino and are exploring things to including IEDC and certification.

          1. Joyce mentioned that AAED has the MOU with the IEDC in AZ.

    3. Spring Conference –

      1. Tribal ED 101 5/4/15 from 2-4pm

      2. Tribal Round Table (Still TBD) possibly collaborating with Rural

        1. Hold after the Tribal ED101 or 7:30am on 5/5

        2. Combine with Rural on 5/5

    4. Tribal Symposium & Luncheon – June 7, 2016 (Events subcommittee meeting pending)

      1. Luncheon Update

        1. Recommended by AAED to have just a speaker & move the panel to the end of the Symposium

      2. Symposium discussion:

        1. Topics to be narrowed down:

          1. Water - Per Tom Gettings Water was eliminated (Need to revisit, possibly referring to Spring Luncheon)

          2. Education

          3. Doing Biz in Indian Country

          4. 3 Universities – Discuss their vision of Tribal ED in the future as Climate Change and Sustainability relates. (this can inadvertently include water, diversification)

      3. Sponsors: -verbals (Symposium or Luncheon)

        1. Kitchell

        2. Wood Patel

        3. Tribal Indemnity

    5. 2016 Tribal Visit – August 2016 (Tabled)

      1. Goals & Objective

  4. New Business:

    1. 2015/16 – Action Plan ideas (Discussion to Continue through March)

    2. Student Membership Campaign: Use of $250 Scholarship

    3. New Ideas

      1. Tribal Advisory Committee

        1. Marcelino – Speakers Bureau is suggested versus an Advisory Committee may be perceived as less intimidating to Tribal Members as well as AAED Board

          1. JoAnn di Filippo would like to work on this.

          2. Kari to throw this idea out to Levi

          3. SIDE NOTE: Marcelino indicated that AAED sponsorship packages need to reflect where Tribe’s priorities are.

      2. Combining forces with Rural Committee

    4. Sub Committee Updates or Action Items

      1. PR/Communication – Karen/Rob: (Meeting 1/14/16 at 9:45am)

        1. Blog

        2. Action Items

          1. What is the TEDC Message

          2. Public & Private Messages/Events

          3. Bibliography

      2. Events: Rob, Kari, Levi, Dave

        1. Rob updated AAED site for up & coming dates

        2. ACTION ITEM to be carried out on the following per notes above in Old Business:

          1. Luncheon

          2. Symposium

      3. Education: Marcelino, Levi, Brian, Kim

        1. 2015/2016 TEDC Action Plan

      4. Membership – Rob/General (NO REPORT)

        1. University Collaboration

    5. Collaborative Partner Reports – Open

      1. MATIC – Levi (via email to Robert – he had to exit the meeting early) was able to get AAED to present on one of the concurrent session groups for MATIC’s Tribal Resource Forum on 1/20/16 UPDATE

      2. AAITA – AZ American Indian Tourism Association –

        1. ACTION Follow up with Dawn’s contact:

      3. ASU’s CIIC (Construction In Indian Country) –

        1. AAED Education Subcommittee approved for Presentation

          1. Amount due?

            1. Kim to determine the exact amount due ($250 per speaker or for the presentation?)

            2. Tom Gettings & Rob mentioned that we may be able sponsor if we can provide recognition for Wood Patel and/or Tribal Indemnity.

      4. ASU’s American Indian Policy Institute:

      5. UofA’s Native Nations Institute:

      6. NAU’s Rural Policy Institute and Center for American Indian Economic Development :

  5. AAED Announcements – Bridgette Blair

    1. AAED Legislative day 1/21

    2. Southern AZ Luncheon 1/27

    3. Phoenix Luncheon 2/2

    4. Mayoral Update

    5. Corn Hole Fund Raiser

  6. Other Announcements:

    1. Bob Roessel – Feedback from Northern Economic Summit

    2. Tom Pitts – Rural Round Table 4/20 in Payson, partnering with Surrounding rural Tribal Communities. TED to partner in outreach.

  7. Adjournment:

  8. Next Meeting: February 11, 2016 at 11:00am

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