A treasure Hunt about Sherlock Holmes

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A Treasure Hunt about Sherlock Holmes Name: _______________

Block: _______________
Take notes using the following websites about Sherlock Holmes. Be detailed! I recommend you read most of the Wikipedia site (a quiz will follow, so you need to know your STUFF).

Who is Sherlock Holmes? Who created him? Provide a plethora of details about Sherlock.


What are the titles of the 4 novels Arthur Conan Doyle wrote? How many short stories did he write?


When was Sherlock Holmes born?


Find three objects associated with Sherlock Holmes. Why are these objects important?


Describe Sherlock Holmes (lots of details needed).


When and where did Arthur Conan Doyle’s character live?


Find Baker Street in London and write down where it is situated.


What’s Sherlock Holmes’ friend’s name? What do you know about him (once again, lots of details needed)?


Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had Sherlock Holmes live mostly in the 19th century. Find an adjective to name this era of British history. Provide additional facts about this important time in history.


Read some of Sherlock Holmes’s quotations about himself. Choose two you find most interesting and explain why?


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