A time to Review The Fifties and Sixties us history/Napp Name

(2) desegregation of the city bus system in

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(2) desegregation of the city bus system in

Montgomery, Alabama

(3) arrest of Martin Luther King Jr. during

protests in Birmingham, Alabama

(4) assassination of Medgar Evers in Mississippi
54. One way in which the New Deal, the Fair Deal, and the Great Society are similar is that these programs

(1) promoted the idea of “rugged individualism”

(2) increased government commitment to the well-being of the people

(3) reduced the amount of money spent on

domestic programs

(4) encouraged the states to take a more active role in national defense
60. “Eisenhower Sends U.S. Troops to Protect Lebanon”

Kennedy Places Quarantine on Shipment of Soviet Missiles to Cuba”

Johnson Increases U.S. Troop Strength in Vietnam by 125,000”

Which statement about the Cold War is illustrated by these headlines?

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