A time of Possibility – a reflection for Ingathering Sunday Rev. Cricket Potter and Rev. Tricia Brennan Follen Community Church September 11, 2011

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Spirit of Life, come unto me.

Sing in my heart all the stirrings of compassion.

Here we strive here to accept, nurture, and care for one another through our varied journeys and in all our humanity.

We stand on the side of love even as the world around us seems increasingly to dwell in fear and hatred.
Beyond Follen

What I appreciate is that this sense of community and connection is not only about one another here at Follen.

Clearly, you are committed to making a difference and creating beloved community outside of this beautiful octagon.

I think of your commitment to programs like Sunday’s Bread and the UU Urban Ministry, your support of the Kiva micro-lending program, and your trips to New Orleans where you continue to help those recovering from Hurricane Katrina, to name a few areas of involvement.

A Place and Time of Possibility

This is indeed a place of possibility and hope.

And this is also a time of possibility for Follen.

You recently said good-bye to your beloved minister of 18 years, Rev. Lucinda Duncan, as she retired in June.

You had a healthy and loving good-bye from all that Tricia and I have heard from folks.

And now, you are taking time to consider what’s next in your ministry and the life of this congregation.

As interim ministers, Tricia and I are partnering with you for the next two years to help you discern where you want to go and who you want to be.

It’s a time of asking questions, sharing stories and ideas, listen deeply to one another, and gaining new perspective.

What are the hallmarks of this community that you want to celebrate and build upon?

What dreams do you have for this place?

What new horizons can we explore together for this community and the larger world?

There is so much possibility.


While Tricia and I will be asking lot of questions, please know that the answers are for you to discern and live into.

We are here for two years to assist - and perhaps nudge you as needed - so that you can reflect intentionally on where you want to go from here.

However, this is your community and your interim period.

It is your future we are helping you to consider and shape.
There is so much good here.

And, we look forward to glimpsing with you the good that is yet to be.

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