A time I was Not Proud of Myself

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had done that, she would have been kind, and my first experience would have been romantic, not empty.
God has interesting ways of punishing people for their stupidity. When Terry arrived that weekend for her visit, she stayed with me in my room, and she slept with me in my bed. When I started to move near her to touch her arm and start making love to her, she told me that she didn’t want to have sex with me because she was still fragile after her horrible experience with her previous boyfriend. She asked me to sleep beside her but not to touch her. I was not a rapist, so I dutifully obeyed.
A few weeks later she called me from her college and invited me to spend a weekend with her in her dormitory because they were having their annual Winter Carnival, with lots of parties and skiing. I was so excited because I realized that she

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