A time I was Not Proud of Myself

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A Time I Was Not Proud of Myself (My First Affair) by Anonymous Page of


Instructions: Read this story that some anonymous American man put on the Internet, and pay attention to the use of tenses:

  • Past tense

  • Past perfect tense (“a past before a past”)

  • Present tense

When I was in my first year of college, I was still a virgin. I had made out with a few girls in high school, but I had never gotten past kissing. Suddenly, I found myself in a new world, on a college campus, living in a dormitory with 600 other horny eighteen-year-old guys, and there were no adults to control our behavior. Everybody was talking about sex, and it was hard to keep my mind on my classes.

One of my floor mates, Neil, the guy across the hall from me, who came from the small town of Cobleskill in upstate New York, introduced me to a girl from his town named Terry. I can’t remember her last name, but I remember her face and her body. She was short, blonde and beautiful. She looked like the mermaid in the Disney movie, and from the moment that I saw her, I knew that I wanted to lose my virginity to her.
Terry’s story was fairly interesting. She was going to an agricultural college near her home because she was interested in farming. Her family owned horses, and she was studying to get her degree in animal husbandry, which has something to do with getting farm animals to have sex with each other. The reason that she

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