A tale of Two Cities Research Project Objective

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A Tale of Two Cities Research Project
Objective: to learn about issues relevant to the time period of the French Revolution, the setting of A Tale of Two Cities.

French Social Hierarchy 1750s-1790s/French Monarchy

French and British Culture 1750s- 1790s/Food Crisis

Causes of the French Revolution/ The Girondins and Jacobins

King Louis XVI/Marie Antoinette/Robespierre/Versailles

Phases of the French Revolution/Reign of Terror/Storming of the Bastille

Your group will “teach” your topic to the rest of the class. Your lesson must be engaging, interactive and 100% educational. Be sure that your presentation is informative, in-depth and organized.
You will have one day in the library during class time to conduct your research. All other work must be completed outside of class. It is the responsibility of you and your group members to organize yourselves, manage your time and meet deadlines.
Basic Requirements:


  • Avoid wikipedia, sparknotes, and other such sites.

  • Quality of visuals is imperative. A photograph of Versailles is not a provocative, creative or impressive visual; in addition, full credit is not given simply because you did a powerpoint or brought in a poster. Detail, effort and creativity is imperative.

  • It is the group’s responsibility to divide work equally and meet with the other members of the group. If a group member is consistently unable to contribute equally or other members are expected to pick up another’s slack, the remaining group members should see me immediately (do not wait until the project is due to inform me that someone has not been contributing).

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