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Definition of RP:
A research proposal is an academic document that serves as a plan that explains the research project and its potential. It follows a style Guide and its structure differs from a department to another.

The purpose of a research proposal:
Through the research proposal, the researcher shows that:
-The proposed topic is significant enough to warrant the investigation
-The results of the research are likely to prove useful and will make an original contribution.
The research proposal helps the research to:
-Define the scope of the research
-Judge the feasibility of the project
-Asses its likelihood of success.
-Get useful feedback.
Research proposal contents:

  1. Working titles. (a concise provisional title)

  2. Abstract and keywords. ( overview of the project using the right keywords)

  3. Introduction. ( context)

  4. Problematic. ( thesis)

  5. Research Objectives. ( aim of the research)

  6. Research Question. ( question to answer during the research)

  7. Research Rationale. ( the significance of the study)

  8. Literature review. (critical review on the main relevant sources you have consulted)

  9. Research methods. ( the approach you used )

  10. Preliminary sources. ( the structure of the dissertation)

  11. Bibliography.( references and sources)

  • Using Keywords:

Keywords are important words related to your topic to get better results when you search, but the problem is, how to brainstorm keywords for searches?
When you have a topic and an essential question, first, pick up the keywords and write it down, then next, consider synonyms or related words, next brainstorm different forms and spellings.
-The more specific keyword, it narrowed your research consults.
-Choose the words that relates to the essential question.
Topic→ Bees / essential question → How does the bees work together as a community.
1/Highlight the keywords: Bees, work, community
2/Make synonyms from the keywords:
Synonyms of bees : honeybees, pollinators
Synonyms of work: Job, roles
// Community: Social, colony, habitat
3/ Brainstorm different form and spelling: pollination, workers,

This is how we use keywords variations and can change the results of your search by being more specific, narrowed. Using keywords can help you find the best information about your topic.

  • Searching effectively:

Boolean operators: The Boolean searching are operators that can narrow or broaden your search results and put the researcher in control of his researching; there are three words that works as command:
AND, OR, NOT. They indicate the computer to do specific things with your keywords.

  1. Putting “AND” between two keywords tell the computer that every search result includes both words in order to focus on the aspect of topic.

  2. “OR” using or between two keywords tell the computer to include results that have either one keyword or the other keyword, or both of them in order to give more results and broaden your search.

  3. “NOT”, It tells the computer to pick up one keyword not the other one in your search results in order to specify the keywords that are related to the topic and eliminate results that mention the second keyword.

  • Phrase search and truncation:

              • Phrase searching: it is a strategy that narrow search results by using quotation marks around a phrase when your keywords must be kept together in that exact order, it will force the computer to search for your keywords as a phrase not as individual words

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