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Relevance: the topic should be tightly connected to the field of your study. Scoop and interest

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Relevance: the topic should be tightly connected to the field of your study.
Scoop and interest: the topic should be intellectually important, make sure that the scope of the topic fits the required work ( Paper phD, MA )
Focus: Define your topic (limit) so that it covers a particular area of research.
Researchability: Make sure that your topic is researchable by checking:
°Availability of materials (Information/equipment)
°Affordability of costs and expenditures
°Management of time to meet the deadlines
°Necessary qualifications and competencies (language training, computer skills)
°Ethical and moral considerations: If a topic runs counter your principles you are not in the obligation of doing it.
°Once the researcher decide the research topic, he should refine ( narrow it down ) in order to eliminate irrelevant options and maintain the elements that will be studied in the research
°The outcome of the refining process is the research problem, which is simply, the situation that will be examined/ analyzed in the study.
°After stating the research problem, it should be reformulated in the form of question, in other words sometimes the answer of a question can be answered in different perspectives so specifying it will facilitate answering it.





Broad field of research An area of research A specific situation An aspect of the situation

-Focusing on your topic and defining a researchable question is not an “instantaneous process”. It often requires a good deal of thinking and reading of objectives, design and methods.
-The research question is reformulated through an interrogative step ( What?Why ?Where? When?Who/Which/How?), this will ensure that your research problem is suitable for investigation.

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