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Collegues: seniors can advise you based on their experience about what to avoid, follow to choose a topic
Supervisors: Ask a supervisor about a topic for you based of his expertise.
Future job: According to your future domain it is preferable to eliminate topics that are not related.


  • Identifying a research topic:

Previous dissertations : check the faculty’s library to know what was studied/not studied before.
Conferences : academic events are opportunities for scholars to discuss their ideas
Literature review :Consulting other books and articles can give an overview of the issue that is trending in your field

Interest: e.g; Scifi genre, British politics.
Ideas: opinion regarding an issue.
Experience: e.g; teacher’s feedback, difficulties as a student.


  • Problems when identifying the R.topic:

-“Burning up” and “up-to-date” topics can be very interesting for the audience but the scarcity of the materials may cause a serious problem to the researcher.

-Choosing a topic based on academic opinion only can be less risky but the work could be uncreative and boring.
-Choosing a topic that is personally significant for the researcher adds some excitement to the work, but the scientific committee might not share that interest, therefore the researcher may be refused admission to a department.

  • Characteristics of a Good Research Topic:

Novelty: Avoid duplication of the research topic, you can work on the same topic only if it is necessary.

Download 117.02 Kb.

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