A systematized effort to gain new knowledge

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Research methodology


  • Definition :

a systematized effort to gain new knowledge”
A research is the systematic investigation into the study of materials, sources etc. in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions.
Systematic” because we follow a specific structure; by what we mean “materials” is any documents, articles, books, printed writings, pictures, speeches that we can use to investigate on the topic we’re interested in order to reach new perspectives, conclusions of the problem using as support demonstrable facts and creates new ones.

  • Research characteristics:

A research must be:

  1. Originated by a question or hypothesis;

  2. Guided by a specific research question that determines a kind of literature to read.

  3. Based on previous researches.

  4. Based on facts.

  5. Objective.

  • Scientific methods:

It consists several steps which are: to first ask a question, then do background research, draw a hypothesis, test your hypothesis through experiment, analyze your data and build a conclusion, and finally report the results; was the hypothesis correct?

  • Characteristics of a good researchers:

Imagination and resourcefulness:
Searching out of the box to find new possibilities and innovative solutions.
Knowledge of the subject.

Scientific attitude:
Knowledge on research methods and methodology.
Free from prejudice and bias.

Academic discipline:
Ethical responsibility.
Perseverance and patience to face obstacles.

Research Topic.

  • Finding a research topic is not an easy task, researchers take a considerable time to make a well-thought choice in order to avoid later on obstacles.

An appropriate topic should take in consideration three motives which are: Personal, academic and professional.

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