A summary of Public Comments, Task Force and Family Workshops

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A Summary of Public Comments, Task Force and Family Workshops

as of December 31, 2003
The following summary is a compilation of:

  • Public comments from the Task Force and NPS Newsletter Number 1, September 11, 2003 received electronically and by mail. There were 385 respondents to the public comments.

  • Flight 93 Task Force Workshops held in Shanksville on August 16 and November 15, 2003.

  • Public Open House held in Shanksville on October 10, 2003.

  • Family Member Workshop held in San Francisco on October 25-26, 2003.

The Comment Summary is to be used as a document to qualitatively analyze comments from a number of varied sources. It is not a controlled study. The same five open-ended questions were offered to the general public, Task Force members and some family members. The number of comments may include more than one submission by the same respondent. Some of the comments were group submissions. The opportunity to comment was offered to as wide an audience as possible within the time limits given to the project.

The comments were summarized by finding commonalities among each of the five questions. The Memorial Ideas Planning Committee would like to remind the reader that the results of the summary are not a “vote” with the highest number of occurrences of common ideas “winning.” Singular ideas can be just as important as a large group; they offer concepts that may not have been voiced or even thought of. The Summary is subjective; however, there was an attempt to guard against bias and partially by those who helped to prepare it.
The Summary is suggested as a guide to start the discussion process.
The Comment Summary was prepared by: Gina Farfour, Christine Homer, Donna Glessner, Kathie Shaffer and Barbara Black.


Why is the creation of the Memorial important to you?

What does the Memorial mean to you?

[ ] approximate number of public comment responses

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