A strong Partnership for America’s Youth

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“A Strong Partnership for America’s Youth”

Army Ed Space demonstrates the U.S. Army’s deep commitment to America’s educators and to the development and training of the young people of our nation. The Army’s education mission, and the mission of the Army Ed Space Website, is to motivate, educate, train and develop America’s youth to become the leaders, decision makers and civic contributors of tomorrow.

About the Site

The U.S. Army’s education website, ArmyEdSpace.com, provides students, parents, educators and Soldiers with access to a wide variety of free Army resources, programs and areas of support. Whether considering the military as a future option or learning more about the no-cost programs available, the site is designed to familiarize users with a variety of educational opportunities and effective tools to empower the youth of America to make informed decisions regarding their future.

Resources You Will Find
Educational Programs

A comprehensive list of U.S. Army-sponsored programs and key partnerships, including information and resources dedicated to: career exploration, citizenship, education enrichment, higher education, and science and technology. This section is designed specifically for educators, students, parents and Soldiers.

Scholarship & Internship Opportunities

The website offers information on paying for college and includes a detailed list of scholarships offered by the U.S. Army.

News & Updates

The Army Ed Space newsroom offers a carefully selected collection of featured education articles, news about the Army’s education initiative and interviews from people in the education world to provide a comprehensive source of applicable stories and information that fit your education needs.

Army & Education Facts

The site hosts fast facts about the state of education in America and the Army’s strong commitment and involvement with education. Facts range from dollars spent on post-secondary education for today’s Soldiers to the disparity in pay between someone with a college degree and someone without.


The multimedia section contains video highlights from Army education programs including Planning for Life events and the annual Education Conference, photo galleries and podcasts.

Educator Toolkit

The site contains a toolkit which includes additional assets and training materials for educators. The goal of the toolkit is to provide education professionals with accurate information about the Army’s commitment to education and forge partnerships to ensure the success of today’s youth.

This site is designed for

  • Army education partners

  • Colleagues including: teachers, coaches, guidance counselors, principals/administrators, career counselors and district officials

  • Students and families

  • Soldiers

  • All stakeholders who have a vested interest in the education and preparation of our nation's youth

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