A splendid Little War

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The Spanish-American War


“A Splendid Little War”
Directions: Cut apart the following sentences and then rearrange in the proper chronological order to tell the story of the Spanish-American War.

You may refer to your textbook pages 694 – 701.

  • President McKinley sent the U.S.S. Maine to Cuba to protect American citizens and interests.

  • President McKinley attempted to negotiate with Spain to stop the inhumane treatment of the Cuban people.

(@ Santiago)

  • The U.S. Congress passed the Teller Amendment promising not to annex Cuba.

  • “Yellow journalism” stirred up support for a U.S. war against Spain.

  • José Marti returned to Cuba to lead Cuba’s independence movement.

  • The Treaty of Paris (1898) officially ended the Spanish-American War.

  • Admiral George Dewey defeated the Spanish navy in Manila Bay.

  • Governor-General Valeriano Weyler sent hundreds of thousands of Cubans to reconcentration camps.

  • Emilio Agunaldo led a rebellion against American authority in the Philippines.

  • President McKinley ordered 11,000 American troops to the Philippines.(Capture Agunaldo…end rebellion)

  • Teddy Roosevelt and the “Rough Riders” led the charge to capture Cuba.

  • The de Lôme letter was intercepted.

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