A separate Peace: Of Friendship, War, and Peace

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A Separate Peace: Of Friendship, War, and Peace

  1. Friendship from Finny’s perspective

Finny is still confident, nice, and good friends with Gene

Needs Gene in some way; he is shocked by the idea of Gene leaving (108).

  1. “Enlist?...” He’s afraid that Gene could be moving on. He doesn’t want to lose Gene in his life

He only allows Gene to help him (105)

He doesn’t believe the war is going on. He has a conspiracy theory—he can’t be in the war. Denial

If he admits there is a war, he would have to reexamine his friendship with Gene, and he may not like what he sees

Still influences Gene—Gene doesn’t enlist because of Finny, Gene trains for the Olympics

  1. Friendship from Gene’s perspective

Gene’s views of Finny: Still friends, but Finny is still rude at times; Finny criticizes Gene’s clothes,

Finny isn’t as superior to Gene—Gene has the upper hand because Gene can enlist in the army, Gene can be athletic now and Finny no longer can

Gene has become more dependent on Finny. He realizes that he has identity problems without Finny.

Finny is a loyal friend; Gene always has someone

Finny pushes Gene to find his rhythm*

  1. Gene’s reaction to visiting Leper

Gene’s journey to Leper’s reveals to Gene that his army experience won’t be what he imagined.

Gene’s war experience is that of a wanderer. Never quite getting to his destination

Why Gene? Leper kept to himself at Devon. Gene was the only person to listen to Leper.

Gene doesn’t know who he is without a friend, and Leper doesn’t have many friends—they are similar

Leper is “psycho” and tells about his experience—Gene runs away. Reveals that he is scared. Can’t handle the pressure

  1. War from Leper’s perspective

Leper is an outcast—not really liked by the other boys (127). Boys talking about him.

He lives in his own world—marches to the beat of his own drummer

He joins the ski troops because of the documentary

Leper fits him because he is a social outcast. People avoid him

He thinks the war is a test—survival of the fittest; he compares it to the evolution of skiing (125).

He sends Gene the telegram because Gene is the only person who accepted him—Gene inquires about the Beaver Dam. He talks to him

Leper leaves the war because he starts to see/hear things, and he wants to avoid a section eight discharge (for psychological reasons) (144).

He couldn’t handle the pressures of war; reality of war

  1. War from the perspective of young men at Devon

Leper’s View:

  • He believes he’s crazy when he leaves the war (150-151). Psycho

Brinker’s view

  • He wanted to enlist and he takes it very seriously.

  • Wants to enlist after working RR

  • Doesn’t commit to war. Doesn’t go at it alone

  • He only goes if people are following him

Finny’s view:

  • Theory of fake war “fat get fatter and rich get richer”

  • Discourages Gene from enlisting (107).

Gene’s view:

  • Has nothing to do with him. Leper’s story scares him (151).

  • Ultimately enlists

  1. Peace from the perspective of young men at Devon

Finny makes peace by training Gene for the Olympics


Gene cannot be at peace because he still feels guilty

Finny organizes the carnival. Makes winter more festive, and brings people together

Leper’s telegram interrupts peace and brings focus onto the war.

“a separate peace”

Peace means something separate or individual to different people

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