A separate Peace-John Knowles Socratic Seminar-Mondays

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A Separate Peace-John Knowles

Socratic Seminar-Mondays

    • A quiz on the chapters will take place before each Socratic Seminar.

    • The vocabulary and discussion question assignments are due before each Socratic Seminar (even if you are absent the day before).

1st Seminar-Monday, April 22

Chapters 1-5
Themes to consider while reading:

a. Coming-of-age-Bildungsroman

b. The relationship between war and peace

c. The nature of friendship

d. Transformation

On the day of the Socratic Seminars (Mondays), have the definitions copied on a separate sheet of paper, copy the sentence example from the novel, and write your own sentence with each. A grade will be taken.

Chapter 1:

salient-something that projects upward or outward from its surroundings

matriarchal- of, relating to, or having the characteristics of a woman who rules her family or tribe.

Chapter 3:

venerable-worthy of respect or reverence by reason of age and dignity, character, or position

insidious-characterized by treachery or slyness; crafty; wily

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