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There are 4. CATEGORIES (according to the Rev. Dr. Martin Israel). These categories represent a

reasonable synthesis of the medical and Christian models and acknowledge the discoveries of


(i) God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) - effect on life beneficial, guidance integrates the

personality and restores harmony to relationships.
(ii) Discarnate Entities - guidance via automatic handwriting and precognitive shafts of

information. Guidance is generally of an indifferent nature. Tends towards obsessiveness.

Discarnate entities use split-off portions of the person's psyche. According to Israel such entities

are not so much evil as misdirected. Of no spiritual profit. Do not lead to a true faith in God

but are moralistic.
(iii) Split-off portions of the personality. Often malicious. Dictatorial. tries to govern the

person with threats. May claim a god-like authority. The person feels impelled to follow the

message received. Destructive of relationships and personal integration. Do not have separate

personalities or their own voice/languages.

(iv) Demons. Dictatorial, cruel, frankly malicious, invade from the psychic realm (this

realm is perhaps akin to the collective unconscious described by Jung). chiefly enter as the result

of overt occult activity or gross sexual promiscuity. extremely destructive to the personality and

relationships. Do not respond to normal counselling.

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