A. preparatory meeting of experts

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Closing session

  1. During the closing of the meeting, the representative of Panama, on behalf of all participants, thanked the Government of Mexico for the hospitality and UNEP for the work and the opportunity given to the Network to meet and comply with the mandate given by the Ministers.

  2. The Undersecretary for Environmental Protection Management, Rafael of Pacchiano Alamán, closed the meeting of the Regional Intergovernmental Network on Air Pollution on behalf of the Secretary Juan Jose Guerra Abud. The meeting was organized in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

  3. He explained that the planning of air quality management is vital for governments to define successful strategies for reducing emissions and improving air quality. In this sense, he indicated that the Regional Action Plan is an excellent support tool and guide. He stressed that this tool will promote the development of national action plans and regional strategies on emissions into the atmosphere, including short-lived climate forcers (SLCFs).

  4. He noted that in Mexico there are more than 80 localities with monitoring networks or stations, which includes cities with fewer than 500,000 inhabitants and large metropolitan areas such as the Valley of Mexico, with over 20 million inhabitants. Some of these monitoring networks have operated from the mid 80's, contributing to the assessments of trends in air quality over time, including the effectiveness of measures for pollution control as in the case of the Mexico City.

  5. He acknowledged the work done by the participants in the meeting and the importance of the proposed Regional Action Plan to be submitted for consideration to the next meeting of the Forum of Ministers of Environment in March 2014. He also thanked UNEP for work done before and during the meeting.

  6. The meeting concluded at 16:30 hours on 30 November 2013.

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