A permit is not required. Outdoor burning

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For your safety, OPEN BURNING REGULATIONS must be followed, even when

a permit is NOT required.

OUTDOOR BURNING: Open to all permitted and recreational fire from October 1st to June 30th unless restrictive conditions exist such as HIGH FIRE DANGER or BURN BAN.

OUTDOOR BURNING CLOSED July 1 thru October 1. Recreational fires allowed unless restrictive conditions exist such as HIGH FIRE DANGER or BURN BAN.

BURN BAN means no recreational fires, campfires, beach fire or outdoor burning allowed.

STATE WIDE BURN BAN may completely suspend all burning to include BBQs and logging operations. Such tight restrictions may be announced due to extreme fire danger resulting from weather conditions, specific fire conditions, lack of available firefighting personnel or to protect air quality.

MORAN STATE PARK sometimes allows recreational fires within the park during a burn ban. This exception is decided at a State level. Fires in Washington State Parks are allowed ONLY in designated fire pits. This is strictly enforced by State Park Rangers.

Contact the San Juan County Fire Marshal's Office for more information on outdoor burning, enforcement and permits. Permits for residential burning of natural vegetation only may be purchased from the San Juan County Fire Marshal's Office for $15.00 and are valid until the burning season ends in June. The fire may not be larger than 10 feet in diameter. The person attending the burning is responsible for having the appropriate burning permit in their possession. YOU are responsible for knowing, understanding and following the open burning regulations and checking the current fire danger rating. Please call 360-376-2331 for burn conditions and as a courtesy prior to lighting a permitted burn.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The person named on the permit and/or the property owner agrees to furnish manpower and equipment to suppress the fire if it escapes for ANY cause and to reimburse the local fire agency for all expenses incurred if such suppression is required.

10-foot Residential burn permit rules

  1. Only natural vegetation may be burned. No wood scraps, construction debris, garbage, plastics, petroleum products, paints, dead animals or any material that may emit dense smoke, fly ash or create offensive odors.

  2. Only one fire may be burning at one time.

  3. A competent adult with a serviceable shovel must be in attendance at all times the fire is burning.

  4. A charged garden hose must be available at the burn site.

  1. A 2-foot minimum safety perimeter must be cleared in all directions around the burn pile to bare earth.

  2. A burn pile may not be ignited if the wind is more than 10 mph. If the wind

increases to over 20 mph the fire must be extinguished. (Tree tops bending is good indication)

  1. All burn piles must be at least 50 feet away from all structures and 500’ from Forest slash.

  2. Burn Barrels are ILLEGAL and may not be used.

  3. Fires may not be ignited less than one hour before sunset.

  4. San Juan Co. Fire Marshal may cite $$ and/or revoke your permit for:

• Burning illegal material

• Burning without competent adult in attendance

Nuisance smoke, smoke smell, “fly ash”

• Disregard of any permit regulation.

• Any escaped burn.

• Repeat of same or different offense.

• Burning during a Burn Ban

Burning in a Burn Barrel

Burning without water available

Commercial burn permits require an onsite inspection for pre-approval.

Permits for commercial burning of natural vegetation only may be purchased for $225.00 and are valid for 30 days.

Contact the San Juan County Fire Marshal's Office for more information.

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