A pennsylvania Recreational Guide for Hyner Run and Hyner View State Parks

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A Pennsylvania Recreational Guide for

Hyner Run and Hyner View State Parks

Hyner Run State Park

The stream Hyner Run carves a small valley from the surrounding steep mountains, creating a cozy, quiet place for an outdoor adventure. The park is entirely surrounded by Sproul State Forest, Pennsylvania’s largest state forest.


The 180-acre Hyner Run State Park is in Chapman Township, Clinton County.

From PA 120 at the village of Hyner, turn east onto Hyner Run Road (PA 1014) and travel for two miles.

From PA 44, turn west onto Hyner Mountain Road and travel for five miles.


Make online reservations at: www.visitPAparks.com or call toll-free 888-PA-PARKS (888-727-2757), 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Saturday, for state park information and reservations.

Recreational Opportunities

Fishing: Hyner Run is excellent trout fishing. Brook and brown trout are stocked annually and native brook trout inhabit its upper reaches. Numerous other mountain streams within a relatively short distance of the park provide excellent trout fishing. The nearby Right Branch Young Womans Creek has a fly fishing area.

Hiking: The park is the eastern trailhead for the 50-mile Donut Hole Trail system, a moderate to rugged trail for backpackers. Shorter hikes are available close to the park on state forest lands.

éCamping: flush toilets, showers, electric hook-ups

The camping area is open the second week in April and closes in mid-December, unless posted otherwise. Each of the 30 campsites has a level pad, picnic table and fire ring. The campground has showers, flush toilets and several water outlets. Garbage and recycling receptacles and a sanitary dump station are near the campground entrance.

éCabin: A modern cabin that sleeps eight people is available for rent year-round. The two-story house has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, living room and roofed, open front porch. Renters provide their own sheets, blankets and towels. Kitchenware and eating utensils are provided. In the yard of the cabin is a fire ring, charcoal grill, two picnic tables and a swing set.

Swimming: The large swimming pool is open from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day, unless otherwise posted. The hours of operation are 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. There is also a 15 feet by 20 feet wading pool.

Picnicking: The seven-acre picnic area contains 150 picnic tables with the majority of tables in full to partial shade. A limited number of grills are also available. Two picnic pavilions, 24 feet by 36 feet, may be reserved up to 11 months in advance for a fee. Unreserved picnic pavilions are free on a first-come, first-served basis.

Children’s Play Area: This area is between the swimming pool and the camping area and provides play equipment for children.

éHunting and Firearms: About 20 acres are open to hunting, trapping and the training of dogs during established seasons. Common game species are deer, bear, turkey and grouse. Common furbearers are bobcat, red and gray fox, coyote and raccoon. Thousands of acres of adjoining state forest are also open to hunting.

Hunting woodchucks, also known as groundhogs, is prohibited. Dog training is only permitted from the day following Labor Day through March 31 in designated hunting areas. The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and the Pennsylvania Game Commission rules and regulations apply. Contact the park office for ADA accessible hunting information.

Use extreme caution with firearms at all times. Other visitors use the park during hunting seasons. Firearms and archery equipment used for hunting may be uncased and ready for use only in authorized hunting areas during hunting seasons. In areas not open to hunting or during non-hunting seasons, firearms and archery equipment shall be kept in the owner's car, trailer or leased campsite. The only exception is that law enforcement officers and individuals with a valid Pennsylvania License to Carry Firearms may carry said firearm concealed on their person while they are within the park. 

Snowmobiling: The park is a trailhead for the 64-mile Hyner Mountain Snowmobile Trail and provides plowed parking and unloading areas and unheated restrooms. Snowmobiles may be operated on designated trails and roads from the day following the last deer season in December until April 1, weather permitting.

Environmental Education and Interpretation

Interpretive programs are offered twice a month in June, July and August. Educational programs are available to local schools upon request.


The park was originally developed as a Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) camp. Although most traces of the camp are gone, some remain as reminders of that era. In 1944, much of the park was planted with red and white pine, known as plantation number 10-44-8. The park opened to the public in 1958 with the completion of the swimming pool, bathhouse, concession, picnic area and restrooms. The camping area opened to the public in 1975. Many other improvements and maintenance to the park have been accomplished through the federally funded Youth Conservation Corps and the Young Adult Conservation Corps programs.

Hyner View State Park

This small park features one of the nicest overlooks in the Pennsylvania Bureau of State Parks and is popular for hang gliding.


The six acres of Hyner View State Park are in Chapman Township, Clinton County.

From PA 120 at the village of Hyner, turn east onto Hyner Run Road (PA 1014) and travel for two miles, turn right onto Hyner View Road. It is a five mile drive to the view.

From PA 44, turn west onto Hyner Mountain Road and travel for 5.2 miles (just past the entrance to Hyner Run State Park). Turn left onto Hyner View Road. It is a five mile drive to the view.

An alternate route includes unpaved state forest roads. From PA 44, turn west on Hyner Mountain Road and travel for one mile. Turn left onto Ritchie Road. Travel for about two miles then turn right onto Old View Road. Travel for about three miles to the view.

Recreational Opportunities

Hang Gliding: Hang gliders take off from the scenic vista and sail out over the West Branch of the Susquehanna River.

Picnicking: The small, partially shaded picnic area has picnic tables, charcoal grills and a non-flush toilet.

Hunting: Although hunting is prohibited within the state park, thousands of acres of public land provide excellent small and big game hunting, trapping and dog training.


The focal point of Hyner View State Park is the overlook wall, constructed in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). In 1949, the present park access road was built providing better access to the view. With the opening of this road, the Flaming Foliage Festival, a local tourist promotion project, was first held at the view. This festival has since outgrown the view and has been moved to Renovo.

Access for People with Disabilities

éThis symbol indicates facilities and activities that are accessible. This publication text is available in alternative formats.

If you need an accommodation to participate in park activities due to a disability, please contact the park you plan to visit.

Nearby Attractions

Information on nearby attractions is available from the Clinton County Economic Partnership. www.clintoncountyinfo.com/Tourism.htm

State Parks: Nearby state parks include: Bucktail, Kettle Creek, Little Pine and Ole Bull.

Sproul State Forest: Hyner View and Hyner Run state parks are in the heart of the 305,000-acre Sproul State Forest. There are many miles of scenic state forest roads, foot trails, snowmobile trails and scenic overlooks. The very first purchase of public lands by the Commonwealth is not far from the park on Young Womans Creek at Bull Run, where a monument commemorates this event. 570-923-6011

Explore Pennsylvania Wilds

Pennsylvania Wilds is two million acres of public lands for hiking, biking, fishing, boating, hunting and exploration in northcentral Pennsylvania.

Highlights of the area are elk watching, scenic PA 6, Pine Creek Gorge (PA Grand Canyon), the darkest skies in the east at Cherry Springs State Park, and hundreds of miles of backpacking trails, bike paths and trout fishing streams. www.pawilds.com

Protect and Preserve Our Parks

Please make your visit safe and enjoyable. Obey all posted rules and regulations and respect fellow visitors and the resources of the park.

• Be prepared and bring the proper equipment. Natural areas may possess hazards. Your personal safety and that of your family are your responsibility.

• Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.

• Please camp only in designated areas and try to minimize your impact on the campsite.

• Firewood Advisory: Firewood may contain non-native insects and plant diseases. Bringing firewood into the park from other areas may accidentally spread pest insects and diseases that threaten park resources and the health of our forests. Campers should use local firewood. Do not take wood home and do not leave firewood - Burn It!

• Prevent forest fires by having a fire in proper facilities and properly disposing of hot coals. Do not leave a fire unattended.

• Because uncontrolled pets may chase wildlife or frighten visitors, pets must be controlled and attended at all times and on a leash, caged or crated. Pets are prohibited in swimming areas.

• Do your part to keep wildlife wild! Enjoy wildlife from a safe distance and do not feed or approach wild animals.

• Please park only in designated areas and obey all traffic regulations.

• Please recycle. Place trash accumulated during your stay in proper receptacles or take it home with you.

• Soliciting and posting signs are prohibited without approval from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

In an Emergency

Contact a park employee or dial 911. For directions to the nearest hospital, look on bulletin boards or at the park office.

Nearest Hospital

Bucktail Medical Center

1001 Pine Street

South Renovo, PA 17764


For More Information Contact:

Hyner Run State Park

86 Hyner Park Road

North Bend, PA 17760-9525


e-mail: hynerrunsp@state.pa.us

An Equal Opportunity Employer


Information and Reservations

Make online reservations at:

www.visitPAparks.com or call toll-free 888-PA-PARKS (888-727-2757), 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Saturday, for state park information and reservations.

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