A. P. United States History

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A.P. United States History

APQ#15-Return to Normalcy

1. Discuss how the 1920’s represented social, economic, and cultural discord among Americans. In your essay discuss THREE of the following:

a. urban versus rural attitudes

b. nativism versus immigration

c. science versus religion

d. the red scare

2. Discuss the extent to which the United States underwent a cultural transformation in the 1920’s.
3. “The business of America is business”. Explain the significance of this statement in terms of United States government policies in the 1920’s and long-term impact of those policies.
4. During the presidential election in 1920, the Republican candidate Warren G. Harding called for a “return to normalcy” after the activism of the Progressive era. How did Harding and his successor, Calvin Coolidge, respond to the public clamor for a “return to normalcy”?

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