A new Historical Perspective: Newspaper Assignment Rough Draft Due Date

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A New Historical Perspective: Newspaper Assignment
Rough Draft Due Date: _____________________

Final Draft Due Date: _____________________
Your job is as follows:

Create a newspaper article about a specific event in U.S. history.

Pretend that you are a journalist living at that time, so you are writing “from the middle of the action,” from an alternate perspective. You don’t know what has happened later on in world history. Select one of the topics below. If you have a different idea, see me to "sell" the idea.


  • Revolutionary War

    • Intolerable Acts (from the perspective of a Redcoat)

    • Shot Heard Round the World (British; Loyalist)

    • Boston Massacre (British; Loyalist)

    • Christmas Eve sneak attack (Hessian; British)

  • Louisiana Purchase (from France or Native Americans)

  • Underground Railroad established (1830 - from the perspective of a slave holder)

  • 13th Amendment (from the perspective of a plantation owner - you choose the state)

  • Formation of the Ku Klux Klan

  • Women's Rights Convention (from the perspective of federal government)

  • Civil War

    • Lincoln's election victory ~ from the perspective of a Southerner

    • Jefferson Davis' election as president of the southern states from the perspective of a northerner

    • Lincoln's assassination (from the perspective of a southerner)

  • World War I (choose a specific event)

  • 19th Amendment (from the male perspective)

  • Manhattan Project

  • World War II

    • Attack on Pearl Harbor (from the Japanese perspective)

    • Japanese Internment Camps (from Japanese perspective)

  • Brown v BOE (from a Southerner or Northerner perspective)

  • Vietnam War

    • From the Vietnamese perspective

    • From the military perspective

  • Apollo 11 Moon Landing (from the Russian perspective)

  1. Make sure your project meets the following requirements:

    • Is true to newspaper format with columns and illustrations/captions (see handout)

    • Has the following things (use revision & editing checklist):

    • Newspaper title and headline

    • Title should be reflective of the perspective

    • Headline story. This needs to be written from a different perspective from what is generally presented

  1. When creating your newspaper, keep the following things in mind:

    • Do NOT procrastinate!!!!!!!

    • Check for G.U.M.S.

    • The length of the article is up to you. But, remember to address the important information in a concise, professional manner, while still giving the reader enough detail to understand what is going on. Refer to real newspapers to get ideas. Microfilm is an amazing thing that the public library offers. The internet is not everything!!!!!!!

    • Pictures do great justice to stories. You don’t pick up many newspapers without pictures, so make sure yours has them and that they are of quality.

    • Present it accurately and precisely – take time to develop the “fluff & stuff” before final submission

    • Cite your sources on a separate page. You must have a minimum of three sources. At least one of these needs to be a real newspaper! NO WIKIPEDIA!

    • Font = size 12 & reflective of newspaper print, final project will be justified, with single spacing (rough draft = double-spaced)

Topic choice






Possible Points

Title and Headlines

Paper has a creative title and headlines for all articles with correct dates.


Headline story

Paper has at least one headline story about the most historically significant event of that time period/decade. The article summarizes the event by giving great detail and reporting the news in a professional manner.


3 news articles

Paper has at least 3 news articles (not including the headline story). These articles professionally and thoroughly summarize 3 historically significant events of that time period/decade.


Publication review

Gives title, writer/producer, and date of your movie/reading. This publication is accurate to the time period. The article summarizes the publication, describes life described/shown in the publication, and professionally gives your personal opinion about the publication.


Political Cartoon-or-Comic Strip

Political Cartoon: Creatively illustrates a political issue of that time period. Looks nice and was created by you! Created by you. Comic Strip: Represents cultural and/or political issues of that time period. Should have at least 5 sections on the story board. Looks nice.



3 obituaries of historically significant people (1 of 3 can be family member that you did research on). They are appropriate, accurate, informative, and professional. Exemplifies research was done about the deaths and lives of these people.


Fashion Page

Has at least four pictures of clothing/fashions of that time period/decade. Each picture has an annotation describing the fashion pictured.



Paper has at least 2 popular and appropriate advertisements from that time period/decade.(You may have to create your own)


Financial Report –or- Editorial

Financial Report: Summarizes economic opportunities and/or problems during that time period/decade, including what products are "hot", etc. Editorial: Paper has at least 1 editorial article that voices an issue/opinion of that time period/decade.


Advice Column

Paper has 1 article that gives "advice" for what might have been a common problem for people during that time period/decade.



Paper has at least one article on a leisure activity from that time period. The article is accurate to history.


Possible Point Deductions


Paper and it's articles lacked reflection of hard work, research, professionalism, organization, creativity, eye appeal, and accuracy.


Sources are not cited.

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