A native American Way to Begin the Day

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A Native American Way to Begin the Day

(Stand on Mother Earth. Face any direction you choose. Take one step forward, as you look about, up and down:)
O Great, Holy Spirit, I take this step into the day you have given. I embrace all I see – the season, the wind, the fragrances, the weather. Let me always accept the day given with a grateful heart.
(Take another step forward.)
O Spirit of life, I put my arms around myself, all that I am,

all that I can be. I stand here in my own history,

with all my mistakes and victories. I hold all

those I will meet today, in my journeying and in

my work. I try to walk gently on this earth.

Let me walk gently through the lives of my

work companions and friends. Though they

make way for my passing, may they spring back,

neither broken nor bruised.
(Take another step forward.)
O glorious Spirit of Mystery, I put my arms around you.

I do not know what will happen to me today,

but I accept it. Give me a heart of courage

and believing, so that I may put my trust in you,

and fear nothing.
(From the Plains tribes: Native American, recorded by Jose Hobday)

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