A message of Hope to a Church with Many Problems

Part 5: The end (13:11-14)

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Part 5: The end (13:11-14)

13:11-13 ~ Final requests and greeting

Verse 11 Paul ends his letter. He says goodbye to all the Christians in the church at Corinth. He asks for change in their lives. They should always be looking to be perfect. That should be their intention. He asks them not to listen to the different *gospel. This is the one *preached by Paul’s *opponents (11:1-6). He asks them to look to him. He is their true *apostle. He requests that they put away *sexual *sins (12:20-21). He asks that they agree with each other. He asks that they live in peace. As they obey his requests, Paul prays for them. He prays that the God of love and peace will be with them.

Verse 12 In the *New Testament, a kiss was a way of saying hello. Jesus entered the house of a man called Simon. But Simon did not kiss him. This was something that Simon ought to have done (Luke 7:45). Jesus told Simon that. Jesus forgave a woman. She then kissed his feet many times (Luke 7:38, 45). A son left his father’s home and lived a bad life. Then he returned home. His father kissed him (Luke 15:20). In Paul’s letters, this happens many times. He asks the Christians to say hello to each other with a holy kiss.

The kiss is to be ‘a holy kiss’. It is a way of saying hello. Also, it says that you come in peace. You come as a friend. Paul uses the word ‘holy’. Paul is saying that the Christians kiss only as friends. They do not kiss as if they are lovers or husband and wife.

Verse 13 Paul wrote his letter in a city. All the *saints there say hello. This means every Christian says hello.

We may wonder whether the Corinthians listened to Paul. We may ask whether they did as he requested. They did not throw away his letter. We still have it. So, we may understand that they did listen to him. We may understand that they did change their ways.

13:14 ~ The *blessing

Verse 14 This is a prayer that God will bless the Corinthians. God is one person and yet three persons. The *blessing comes from God. It comes as God the Father, God the Son and God the *Holy Spirit. This is the only place in the *New Testament where we find this. We know this as ‘the *Benediction’.

In chapter 8 verse 9, Paul spoke about the *grace of our *Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ was rich but he became poor. This was so that we might be rich. *Grace is God’s blessing. We do not have to earn it. We do not have to work for it. God gives it to us freely without cost. He wants to give it to us. He is that kind of God. We do not have to be good to receive it. We do not have to pay for it. God is a person. He wants to do good things to everyone. That is his nature. Paul prays for the *grace of the *Lord Jesus Christ. Paul prays that the Corinthians may receive this *grace.

God is love (verse 11). Jesus died on the *Cross. There he showed his love for us. There we see his love most of all. He could not have done anything more than that. Through Jesus’ death, we can be right with God. We can have peace with God. We do not have to work for it or to pay for it. Paul prays this love of God for his readers.

‘*Fellowship’ means to take part or share in something. God has given his *Holy Spirit to the church. We cannot see the *Holy Spirit, but he is a person. He shows us who Jesus is. He helps us to know Jesus better. He helps us to show Jesus to the world. This is Paul’s prayer for the Corinthians. He prays for them to share in all that the *Holy Spirit does. We pray ‘the *Benediction’. We *believe that God will answer our prayer. He will give us his *grace and his love. He will give us a share in all his *blessings.

Word List

adultery ~ sexual [see sexual] activity between a married person and another who is not the legal husband/wife.

ambassador ~ a minister sent by a king or a State to another.

amen ~ may it be so (used after a prayer).

angel ~ a servant from God who brings messages from heaven; pure spirits, greater than men and women, who give love to God; they do what he wants and take care of those who are accepted into God’s family; a bad *angel, or one that has fallen, who serves Satan [see Satan].

anoint, anoints, anointed ~ to mark a person with oil to show that God has chosen them; he has marked them with the Holy Spirit [see Holy Spirit].

apostle ~ a man whom God chose to lead his church; one of the 12 men whom Jesus chose to be his helpers and to teach about him.

armour ~ equipment that gives protection to a soldier.

Baptist ~ a person who baptizes [see baptize] people.

baptize ~ to put a person in to water, or put water on a person; how we show to everyone that we belong to Christ.

believe ~ [see faith] to follow something; you are sure that it is true.

believer(s) ~ a person who knows Christ.

bema ~ a platform where speakers stood in ancient Greek cities.

benediction ~ a blessing that is spoken.

betray, betrayed ~ to give a person to an enemy.

betrayal ~ the act of giving a person to an enemy by not being loyal.

betrothal ~ a promise to marry.

blessing, blessings ~ the good things that God does for us; asking for God to help us and do good in us.

boast, boasting ~ to give an opinion about yourself and what you believe.

butterfly ~ an insect with broad wings, usually with bright colours.

carpenter ~ a man who works with wood to make things.

caterpillar ~ the state of the insect that later becomes a butterfly [see butterfly].

circumcision ~ to cut off the loose skin from the end of the sex part of a boy or man; for Israelites [see Israelites] it was a proof that a man agreed to obey God’s laws; a sign of a pure spirit.

clay ~ earth, heavy and firm when dry, stiff and soft when wet.

cleanse, cleansing ~ to make clean by washing.

collection ~ a sum of money collected by members of a Church.

Comforter ~ another name for the Holy Spirit [see Holy Spirit].

commandment ~ a command given by God; the ten important commands or rules of God given to Moses on the mountain of Sinai.

communion ~ the ceremony of the Lord’s Supper [see Lord].

Corinth ~ an ancient city in Greece.

covenant, covenants ~ an agreement between two people; an agreement between God and a person or people; a shared agreement between two or more people.

creation ~ the act of God making the world and everything there is; everything that God has made.

Cross ~ two pieces of wood fixed together. The Romans punished people by fixing them to a cross to die. Jesus died this way; the Cross is now the sign of the church of Christ; not to put yourself first but to put Jesus and other people first in your life.

descendant ~ one coming by birth from parents and grandparents before you.

disciple ~ one who follows another and learns from him; a person who believes in Jesus; a person who follows the things that he teaches.

donkey ~ an animal that carries people and heavy things.

earthly ~ of the earth as opposed to heaven.

epilepsy ~ a disease that makes the person fall to the ground, sometimes with strange movements of the muscles.

eternal ~ things that have always been and will continue for all time; a thing which has no beginning or ending; a thing which never changes.

evil ~ wicked, bad, doing bad things.

faith ~ the belief in someone or something; agreement with, and doing the things that God teaches; to follow his words even when they seem difficult; belief and trust in God and in Jesus his Son; belief that the Holy Scriptures [see Scriptures] are true; ‘the faith’ means the things that Christians believe about Jesus.

faithful ~ to be full of faith [see faith] and standing firm.

fellowship ~ to have a common interest; a group of people having a common interest.

forgive, forgiven ~ to show pity (mercy [see mercy]) and not to remember bad things; not to remember sin [see sin]; to set free from wrong things that we do.

Gentiles ~ people who are not Jews [see Jew]; people who do not know God; people of all nations.

gentleness ~ to be kind and gentle; to be free from anger.

Gethsemane ~ a garden on the slope of the Mountain of *Olives in Jerusalem, where Judas betrayed [see betray] Jesus.

glorify ~ to give praise to God.

glory ~ the power and great importance of God; great beauty and like a great king; a bright light coming from God or Jesus.

godly ~ to agree with God’s laws and to obey them.

gospel ~ the good news that God has helped people who love Jesus, through the life, death and raising from death of Jesus Christ; the good news of the things that Jesus has done for us; the message from God to us; the four books at the beginning of the New Testament [see New Testament].

grace ~ a gift of God that we do not deserve and cannot earn; what God gives because he is generous; the help and protection coming from God.

guarantee ~ to make sure that something will be done; to make oneself responsible for something.

guilt, guilty ~ a sense of shame and knowing the wrong things that we have done.

heavenly ~ in or of the heavens.

Hebrew ~ the language that Jews speak [see Jews].

Hebrews ~ a book in the New Testament [see New Testament]; the Jewish [see Jewish] people.

holiness ~ description of God, set apart, perfect, wonderful; completely good, with nothing bad in it; belonging to God; separate from sin [see sin], pure, clean.

Holy Spirit ~ the Holy Spirit is a person, but not human as we are. He lives and works for God; equal and joined with God and Christ, he does the work of God among the people in the world; God’s Spirit sent by Jesus to help people; another name for God; also called the Spirit of God, the Spirit of Christ and the one who comforts.

incense ~ something that gives a sweet smell when it is burnt; used in praising God at the Temple [see Temple] in Jerusalem.

Israelite(s) ~ the people of Israel; the people who are Jews [see Jews] living in Israel.

jealousy ~ a feeling of spite against another person; a desire to possess something owned by someone else.

Jerusalem ~ an ancient holy city, important to the Jews [see Jews], where the Jews built the Temple [see Temple].

Jew, Jewish ~ a person who is from the family of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; a person who believes the faith [see faith] of the *Jews.

judgement seat ~ a place for judges to sit when they are hearing a case in court.

justify ~ the act of God when he says that he sees us as good. He says this at the moment when we are *saved. This is the moment when we trust Jesus.

justified ~ the state of having been put right with God.

kingdom ~ where God rules as king; land ruled by a king.

Lord ~ the name for God in Holy Scriptures [see Scripture]. It means that he is head over all; a name that we use for Jesus when we obey him; someone with authority.

Macedonia ~ an ancient country north of ancient Greece.

malaria ~ a disease that causes a person to be ill and very hot. Insects (mosquitoes) carry it.

manna ~ the food that God gave to the Israelites [see Israelites].

mercy ~ help to those who are in need or difficulty; the love that God shows in forgiving; God’s love and goodness; God’s pity towards all that he has made; being kind to bad people.

Messiah ~ a special servant of God; a name for Jesus Christ; it means the person who is sent to save people from the anger of God because of our bad ways; the only one who can put people right with God; the one who will come again to rule over God’s kingdom [see kingdom]; God’s anointed one [see anoint].

minister, ministers ~ one who serves; the leader of a church; one who takes the gospel [see gospel] to other people.

ministry, ministries ~ service or work connected with religion.

miracle(s) ~ an extraordinary event that cannot be explained.

missionary ~ of or connected with the work of religion; a person sent for that purpose.

New Testament ~ the last part of the Bible, which the writers wrote after the life of Jesus.

nuptial ~ connected with marriage or a wedding.

oath, oaths ~ a serious appeal to God; a statement of promise or truth.

obedience ~ obeying authority; being ready to obey.

Old Testament ~ the first part of the Holy Scriptures [see Scripture]. It includes the holy things that the writers wrote before Christ’s birth.

Olive ~ a kind of tree that has fruit.

opponent(s) ~ one who is on the opposite side in an argument or struggle.

ox ~ an adult male animal that does heavy farm work.

paradise ~ a world of happiness and peaceful rest.

peddler ~ a person who carries things to sell while travelling about.

preach, preaching ~ to tell and explain good news about Jesus Christ to a group of people.

prisoner(s) ~ a person kept in prison as punishment for a crime.

prophet(s) ~ those who are able to tell to other people what God wants; people who spoke for God; someone who tells of things that would happen in the future.

resurrection ~ to be raised from death to live again.

reverence ~ a feeling of deep respect.

righteous, righteousness ~ being right with God; people that God sees as clean and not his enemies.

riot, riots ~ behaviour that is against the law; a noisy struggle against rulers when they make laws that people do not agree with.

robber(s) ~ one who steals.

saint, saints ~ a holy one; one who knows Jesus Christ as *Lord (see *Lord).

salvation ~ to be set free from the punishment and power of sin [see sin].

Satan ~ a name for the chief bad spirit; the top devil; the bad one known also as the devil.

save ~ rescue; make free from the power or punishment of *sin.

Scripture(s) ~ the things written in the books of God’s holy word, also called the Bible; the book that tells God’s truth; it shows that the Lord [see Lord] Jesus Christ has come.

seal ~ a mark or stamp; a sign of evidence on something.

self ~ the character or nature of a person or thing.

sexual ~ an act that happens between the sexes, involving both male and female.

shalom ~ a Hebrew [see Hebrew] greeting meaning ‘peace be with you’.

shepherd ~ one who looks after sheep; a church leader or minister [see minister].

shield ~ a piece of armour [see armour] that you hold in front of you to protect the front of the body.

shipwreck ~ when a storm ruins a ship or it strikes a rock or becomes ruined at sea.

sin, sins, sinner ~ actions by which people oppose God.

soul ~ the inner life of a person.

spiritual ~ life relating to the spirit.

stepmother ~ a woman who takes a mother’s place by marriage to a father.

stronghold ~ a castle or well protected place.

synagogue ~ a meeting of Jews [see Jews] at worship [see worship] or the building where they would meet for this.

temple ~ a special building where people went to praise God or false gods.

Temple ~ the special building in ancient Jerusalem where Jews [see Jew] went to praise God; the holy place in heaven where God is.

tempt, temptation ~ to test someone or to try to make them do evil things.

thanksgiving ~ an expression of thanks to God.

thorn ~ a sharp point on a plant.

Trinity ~ God in three Persons, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit [see Holy Spirit].

Troas ~ a city in the north-west of Asia Minor.

unbeliever(s) ~ a person who does not accept any belief in religion.

victory ~ success in war; the winning of a struggle.

vision ~ a mental view or image of something that is not actually present at the time.

weapon(s) ~ a tool of war used for attack or defence in war or fighting.

worldly ~ of this world; loving the things of this life.

worship ~ a way to act when we are with God; giving thanks to God and Jesus. Usually we worship together with other people, with prayers and much happy singing; to bend down to God or a false god; to show honour to God and to say that we love him very much.

wrath (anger) (of God) ~ God is holy; therefore, God must act against all that is not holy; God’s necessary act against sin [see sin] (because he is holy).

Book List

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