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ASH CHRISTIAN (Carl Loop) has worked extensively in both film and television. His most recent feature film credit is the forthcoming release, King Kelly. On television, he most recently appeared in episodes of the TV series “Person of Interest” and “The Good Wife.”
Christian’s previous films include Fat Girls, Domino, and Man of the House. On television he has appeared on episodes of the series “Law & Order,” “Standoff,” “Ugly Betty,” “Over There,” “Cold Case,” “The Division,” “Six Feet Under” and “Boston Public.”
Born and raised in Paris, Texas, Christian began his show business career in the theater, starring in stage productions throughout his childhood. When his passion for storytelling on stage transformed into a passion for film, Christian, at the age of 17, left Texas for Hollywood.
In addition to acting, Christian has also established himself as a writer and director. At 19, he wrote his first feature film, Fat Girls, which a year later he directed, produced and starred in. It was an official selection of the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival where Fat Girls had its world premiere to critical acclaim.
In 2009, Christian raised equity for the hit Broadway musical “Next to Normal,” which garnered 11 Tony nominations and three Tony Awards, including Best Score. “Next to Normal” won the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for Drama.
Christian’s second feature film as a writer/director was Mangua! and he is currently at various stages of production on his third, Petunia and fourth Franny.

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