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SHAWN-HOLLY COOKSON (Costume Designer) has always believed in storytelling through appearance is the most compelling aspect of costume design. She began her career as an apprentice to her mother, a noted costume designer on the critically acclaimed “The Larry Sanders Show,” an early HBO comedy series. And from there Cookson began her twenty year career in both film and television, working as costume designer on such films as The Grudge, Sonny, and Harold and Kumar: Escape From Guantanamo Bay.
Most recently, Cookson has been charged with creating the visual style of future worlds with the 2010 adaptation of the hit video game “Tekken” and the virtual combat film Arena, a forthcoming release starring Samuel L. Jackson.
On television, Cookson was the costume designer on the TV series “Bones” for Fox and “The Nanny” for CBS, for which she earned four Emmy nominations.

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