A long Way Gone

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PreAP 1st Nine Weeks

August 26 Opening Day activities and procedures, Letters to parents Standards of Composition (MLA guidelines), Literary terms, discuss summer read A Long Way Gone-

view online interview of author Ishmael Beah

27 Introduce DIDLS; introduce archetypes and identify some in “The Hobbit” excerpt p. 424.

Identify genre, fiction, characterization in “Most Dangerous Game” short story p. 60

28/29 Warm-up- Analyze characterization in “The Hobbit” excerpt using an embedded quotation on sticky notes and share.

Read “Most Dangerous Game” and discuss archetypes, setting, internal and external conflict, p.o.v.; note DIDLS; chart plot on Freytag’s Pyramid.

homework: Identify archetypes and DIDLS from the short story.

30 Grammar warm-up- Identify vivid verbs and verb tenses used in “MDG”; Literary terms quiz, Finish reading “MDG”; identify theme, climax

Vocab. workshop Unit 1

Sept. 2 Labor Day Holiday

3 Read “Scarlet Ibis” aloud and analyze characterization, mood, symbol, and themes.

Introduce embedded quotations.

4/5 Timed Writing- Choose a short story or A Long Way Gone. Explain how characters were developed in an expository essay using evidence and embedded quotations.

Hw-Read M & Y p. 1-4, 5-8, 9-12 and create a T-chart tracking matriarchal and patriarchal characteristics.


Unit 11 The Odyssey; Intro myth vocab. Characteristics of myth).

Hw-Read M & Y p. 17-38 and create a Greek family tree.

9 Class Pictures

Trojan War- Read and take Trojan War Cornell notes; Trojan War quiz Friday.

Hw: Make connections and determine author’s purpose in “Lost Boys” p. 592 and A Long Way Gone. Answer questions 1-7 on p 598.

  1. Library Orientation

Bring your username (ID #) and password.

Questions 1-7 due.


11/12 Find two articles

Intro to quotation, summary, paraphrase w/embedded quotations + documentation

Library Research- Greek Gods and Goddesses

13 Trojan War Quiz

Grammar warm-up: Using appositives in Greek epithets

Note taking from research articles; assign god/goddess visual- due Monday

Hw- M & Y p. 41- 54- read and draw conclusions about characters’ motivations and themes.













1st Nine Weeks

16 God/goddess research due

Read “Laertes’ Son” and identify DIDLS using Cornell notes.

Give VWS Unit 1 -- quiz next Tuesday

17 grammar warm-up- Write participial phrases.

Read “Calypso”; identify foreshadowing, point of view, DIDLS.

Interpret figurative language in Odyssey Book I

Hw: “Be Specific” Natalie Goldberg (Models For Writers) and practice writing a paragraph with more specific writing.

18/19 Timed Writing: Write an original story or myth about a new god/goddess. Include a participle and at least 4 characteristics of myths.

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