A knight Living in a Medieval Castle

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A Knight Living in a Medieval Castle

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My name is Gandal and I am a knight living in a stone castle, on a hill overlooking the town of Coventry. I pledge allegiance to my Lord who rules over the barony of this area. I am pledged to defend my Lord in battle and to uphold the Code of Chivalry throughout his lands. Under this Code, it is important that I protect women and children and never run from a battle.
The castle where I live is heavily-defended by myself and other knights, archers and foot-soldiers. The castle is surrounded by a moat, with a heavy drawbridge as the only access. An iron portcullis is lowered in front of the main door in times of danger. The strong curtain walls protect the castle against catapult attack. On top of the Keep and curtain walls, there are battlements and turrets for us to defend the castle from attackers. There are also arrow slits to provide protection for the archers.
My training as a knight began when I was seven years old. I was sent to another castle where I became a Page. At this stage I learned about manners and how to hold a sword and ride a horse. At fourteen years of age, I became Squire. At this age, I learned how to fight, ride a horse and other general combat skills. At the age of twenty-one, I became a knight at my ‘dubbing ceremony’. The night before I spent in the chapel praying. In the morning I knelt before the Lord, who lowered his sword over my right and left shoulders while I pledged allegiance to him. He then said ‘Arise, Sir Gandal’. I had become a knight.
Under the feudal system, I protect the Lord, his family and his subjects. The knights are the most important allies of the Lord as they direct all soldiers and archers in battle. When I go to battle, I ride a horse and wear heavy armour. Underneath the plate-armour, I wear heavy chain-mail, which stops light sword hits and daggers. I carry a lance and a shield to protect myself while in battle.
When I am not in battle, I attend jousts and tourneys to perfect my fighting skill. In tourneys, we conduct ‘mock battles’ and in jousts, knights compete against each other on horseback. The Lord always attends these and knights fight each other for his favour and honour. When I am not fighting in these tournaments, I wear silks.
I live in the Keep of the Castle with the other knights. It is important for us to be close to the Lord and his family for their protection. In the Bailey, the courtyard of the castle, we keep our horses in stables. We have our meals with the Lord in the Great Hall everyday at 12pm and 4pm. We drink ale and wine. When I have free time, I like to play chess or go hawking.
I pledge my allegiance and loyalty to my Lord, the King and to God.

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