A kind of Revolution

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Zinn Chapter #5 “A Kind of Revolution” BRYANT

  1. According Zinn, did the colonists support the war? How many enlisted in the Continental Army? What percentage of the population was estimated to be treasonous?

  1. How does you response to last questions challenge your previous knowledge, views, and assumptions on the American Revolution?

  1. Explain the financial connections of the “Founders.” Who was Robert Morris and what was his role in the Revolution?

  1. Did the Continental Army every mutiny during the war? How did the actions of the Continental Army impact the Continental Congress?

  1. Who did “We the people’ include? What does Edmund Morgan contend was the reality of America’s social and economic structure? (pg 84).

  1. In terms of the Native Americans, how does historian Francis Jennings view the conflict?

  1. Were Native Americans and African Americans considered in the Constitution? Respond to this question by citing information from the reading.

  1. (Pgs 89-90) describe the views of George Bancroft and Charles Beard. What were their interpretations of the Constitution? Do you agree with their interpretations? Why/ why not?

9. What was the most interesting or thought provoking aspect of this reading?

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