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On the island of the Cicones, and with his encounter with Polyphemus, Odysseus learns that bragging can bring great misfortune. On Ithaca Odysseus never brags to the suitors and is able to enter his house with the Antinous and the other suitors knowing his real identity. He takes the punishment of Antinous and the other suitors without saying a word and is able to see those who have invaded his house. Odysseus is able to see who is loyal and who is not and take his revenge with the suitors never knowing who he was until the final moment. Odysseus also learns to respect the gods. When he landed on Aesea, the island of Circe, he follows the instructions given to him by Hermes so that he can overcome Circe and free his men. Odysseus follows the instructions that Circe had given him very closely, entering and leaving Hades without misfortune and using wax in the ears of his crew to pass the Sirens. Odysseus becomes a better man throughout his journeys and is ale to return to his homeland to regain his kingdom.

After spending years with the goddess Calypso Odysseus is offered a choice of either living on the island with Calypso and becoming immortal like the gods, or he could return to his wife and country and be mortal like the rest. He chooses to return home.

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