A historical Sketch early years

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A Historical Sketch….EARLY YEARS

Sociological Theory

Chapter 1
Classical Sociological Theory

Chapter 1


  1. Introduction

    1. Figure: Sociological Theory: The Early Years

  1. Social Forces in the Development of Sociological Theory

    1. Biographical Sketch: Abdel Rahman Ibn-Khaldun

    2. Political Revolutions

    3. The Industrial Revolution and the Rise of Capitalism

    4. The Rise of Socialism

    5. Feminism

    6. Urbanization

    7. Religious Change

    8. The Growth of Science

  1. Intellectual Forces and the Rise of Sociological Theory

    1. The Enlightenment

    2. The Conservative Reaction to the Enlightenment

  1. The Development of French Sociology

    1. Claude Henri Saint-Simon

    2. Auguste Comte

    3. Emile Durkheim

      1. Social Facts

      2. Religion

  1. The Development of German Sociology

    1. The Roots and Nature of the Theories of Karl Marx

      1. Hegel

      2. Feuerbach

      3. Marx, Hegel, Feuerbach

      4. Political Economy

      5. Marx and Sociology

      6. Marx’s Theory

    2. The Roots and Nature of the Theories of Max Weber and Georg Simmel

      1. Weber and Marx

      2. Other Influences on Weber

      3. Weber’s Theory

      4. The Acceptance of Weber’s Theory

      5. Simmel’s Theory

      6. Biographical Sketch: Sigmund Freud

  1. The Origins of British Sociology

    1. Political Economy, Ameliorism, and Social Evolution

      1. Political Economy

      2. Ameliorism

      3. Social Evolution

    2. Herbert Spencer

      1. Spencer and Comte

      2. Evolutionary Theory

      3. The Reaction against Spencer in Britain

  1. The Key Figure In Early Italian Sociology

  1. Turn-of-the-Century Developments in European Marxism

  1. The Contemporary Relevance of Classical Sociological Theory

  1. Summary

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